Arm and disarm delay in Smart Things

Hello, I have just used a Konnected board to convert my old wired security system to a smart system. All these sensors are now added to my Smart Things hub and I have used Action Tiles to convert an old Kindle into a keypad. As the new app is not compatible with Action Tiles I have created 3 virtual switches and automation that now allow to me change the security mode of Smart Home Monitor using my panel. The only thing I am now missing is the ability to build a delay in to the arming and disarming/activation of the system. Most stuff I can find online refers to using the old app before SMH was removed from the classic app. Has anyone built a similar system or got any idea how I could use automations to build a delay into the arming of the system and also of delaying the activation of the system on entering my house to allow me to disarm it?

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m new to Smartthings and fairly reliant upon community threads to find my answers.

If you’re using the new STHM app it should have delays built into it.

However if that isn’t working for you, here are two other options:
Use Intruder Alerts with Actions and trigger it using the STHM modes using your virtual switches (or a ZigBee keypad) or any other way, this app has support for entry and exit delays. It can work even without STHM as a stand alone solution. [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

If you’re using locks to integrate with STHM then there’s another option available but since you’re using ActionTiles Intruder Alerts would be a nice integration to arm/disarm using your virtual switches.

Thanks for this. I had already seen this option but I guess I have a few questions:

  1. Would this allow me to continue using my Action Tile panels which have Pin Codes programmed into them?

  2. Does this work with the current Smart Things Classic app which has no options for Smart Home Monitor settings.

  3. Can the additional options around keypad be utilised by say a kindle fire running action tiles or does it require a new, physical keypad which I must purchase?

I ask the above as otherwise I would pay quite a bit of money for a product for which I would only use small amount of its functionality?

Are there any other combinations of automation that would allow me perform this? Obviously the classic app no longer supports SHM as this is now only on the new app, unless I am unaware of how to activate it in the classic app.

I appreciate your help, thanks.

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It’s not related to Action Tiles, but you definitely can set it to arm/disarm through a Virtual Switch using action tiles. Here’s a little write up on how to create virtual switches and use them in Intruder Alerts, it’s written for using with STHM but the same switch can be triggered by ActionTiles as well, you can use just one or two switches depending on how many states you want).

Yes it does, it’s a stand alone security system app which can work with the new and the Classic app. Check out the first post on that topic for a list of features it offers.

Keypad is any device which is compatible with the SmartThings lock standard + some additional features. Currently on the ZigBee keypad provides all those functionalities (you could even use a regular zwave or zigbee lock for that matter) but I don’t think Action Tiles provides that interface today.

That’s great thank you, I think I’ve managed to get this to work now. My last question surrounds the Foscam Device Handler and Smart App. I have set this up as per the installation instructions and have added 3 camera. One camera seems to be working and shows motion detection. The second and third camera shows detect off and it cannot seem to be switched however motion detection is activated in the camera? Do you know what the issue is?

In all the camera cases I cannot view the video stream. When I try to open them in the classic app it just seems to refresh the device page? Again do you know how to correct this?

Finally, is there a way of linking the camera function with action tiles either by showing a live stream from the camera or showing an image still when motion is detected

Thanks for your help with this, this is the last piece of the puzzle for my home setup!

It means one of 2 things:

  1. Check the configuration in SmartThings (IP, port, username, password)
  2. The hub isnt’ able to reach those cameras (IP/port), usually due to a firewall or some rule blocking

This is an issue with the ST app or possibly the setup, there are detailed steps provided on the installation instruction page video troubleshooting link. Sometimes just rebooting the phone helps. Otherwise run through the checklist to see what’s going on. It’s not related to the DTH or app, it’s do with the setup/compatibility of the phone model/ST app/camera.

Yes, cameras which support MJPEG can be streamed to action tiles, you need to enable the MJPEG option in the ST camera device preferences page. See the community forum first post for details on how to set it up.