How do you set STHM to Armed(Stay)

So I’m setting up my STHM I have the Armed away and disarmed automations worked out. I’m curious how do any of you out there automate the Armed stay mode?

People generally use one of two methods.

If they only use the three default location modes, and those map 1 to 1 to the security mode, then they just set up an automation so that every time the location mode changes, the security mode changes to its twin.

But that method doesn’t work for everyone, especially if they have additional location modes like dog walker, guest, party mode, or whatever.

In that case, people generally set up a virtual switch to act as a proxy for each of the security modes. Actiontiles has a good explanation of how this works on their website.

So was that what you were asking? The mechanics of the process? I wasn’t quite sure…

If instead you were asking about specific use cases for when people would change the security mode, then just let us know that and I’m sure people will have lots of ideas. :sunglasses:

That was a very quick response.

I have virtual switches setup to help with the automations of setting the STHM modes. I am just struggling on how I want to automate setting Armed Stay.

Do people have it set when everyone is home and after a certain time or arm once after entry into the home or manually set it…

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I do it the other way when I set STHM to Arm Stay an automation turns off all lights and smart plugs. I use a virtual switch to let Google Home trigger it. I then have an automation disarm STHM at 9:00 and also turn smart plugs back on.

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I like the idea of using a timer to disarm the system in the morning. I am definitely stealing that idea.

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You can find a step by step guide on the 1st post here on how to create a virtual switch and use it to control STHM from other apps: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions