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[RELEASE] Lock and Door Synchronizer, synchronize your locks with other locks, deadbolts, doors, switches/relays

Introducing the Lock and Door Synchronizer

Examples of how folks are using this app:

  • Create extry/exit corridor lock setup, a outside lock and insider lock, e.g.:
    • Synchronize both locks to lock/unlock together when one is operated
    • Enforce no piggyback, when one lock opens, the other closes and vice versa
    • Set an exit door, when the inside lock unlocks, the outside lock unlocks but NOT vice versa
  • Whole property management, lock/unlock all locks when the primary lock is operated
  • Synchronize your patio door with your primary lock
  • Synchronize your garage doors/gates with your primary lock
  • Synchronize your keypad with a garage door (requires Enhanced Keypad Lock device handler)

Key Features of this SmartApp:

  • Synchronize your locks with:
    • Other locks/keypads
    • Garage door/Motorized doors/Gates
    • Switch/relays (controlling other doors/devices)
  • Define synchronization modes for each device
    • Two way (keep both devices in sync)
    • Primary to secondary (Primary lock operates secondary device)
    • Secondary to primary (Secondary lock operates primary device)
    • Inverted (Secondary device is in reverse/opposite state of Primary device)
  • Each primary lock can synchronize with unlimited secondary devices
    • Set individual synchronization mode for each secondary device
  • Define operating modes

and lots more.

Automate your property, create unlimited combinations to keep your locks, doors and switches in sync.

If you’re using a ZigBee keypad like the IRIS, Xfinity or Centralite check out the Enhanced Keypad Lock device handler to synchronize your keypad with your garage/patio doors.

Installation Instructions

Installation/update instructions can be found here

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If you have any additional feature requests please feel free to send them in.

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This is pretty cool! Although…I’m not creative enough to think of real world use cases for this? Care to share some ideas?

Lots of them, check out the first post on how folks have been using this.

One example, think of a corridor with two doors. You can sync both doors to open simultaneously when one is unlocked


to prevent piggy backing, when one door unlocks, the other locks.

Another example, one user wanted to unlock the patio door when the backyard gate is unlocked. So when the guest entered through the backdoor gate (using the keypad), it also unlocked the patio door.

Another use case from the AirBnB RLA topic, one user has multiple rooms each with their own lock/keypad. There is a master lock at the main entrance. When the user unlocks their room with the keypad, it also unlocks the master lock at the main entrance. This is a case of a one way synchronization primary (keypad) to secondary (master lock). This way when the master lock is operated it doesn’t open the individual rooms (e.g. building cleaner), but when a renter enters their code on the room keypad it unlocks the main entrance for them to enter.

You can get creative, you can sync locks with lights also. When the main door is unlocked, the light is turned on.

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Hello, is there any way to disable the automatic SMS that will be sent to my airbnb guests? I do not want this SMS message to be sent to my guests.

Thank you


Hi Charlie, this app doesn’t send messages or connects to AirBnB.

I think you’re referring to the RLA app.
To disable automatic SMS to AirBnB users just leave the SMS users phone input box empty.