[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

This is the Official Edge Driver Channel for Zooz Products.

Supported Devices:

  • Zooz ZAC36 Valve Actuator
  • Zooz ZAC38 Range Extender   (Zooz Range Extender)
  • Zooz ZEN04 Smart Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN05 Outdoor Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN06 Smart Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN16 MultiRelay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN17 Universal Relay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN20 Power Strip   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN21 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN22 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN23 Toggle Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN24 Toggle Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN25 Double Plug   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN26 S2 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN27 S2 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN30 Double Switch   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller
  • Zooz ZEN34 Remote Switch (Important: after inclusion has finished and you’ve tested that the button is working you should tap the upper paddle 7x to force it to wake up and go back to sleep.)
  • Zooz ZEN37 Wall Remote   (Zooz Wall Remote)
  • Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN52 Double Relay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN53 DC Motor Controller   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN55 DC Signal Sensor   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN71 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN72 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN73 Toggle Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN74 Toggle Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN76 S2 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN77 S2 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZSE11 Q Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE41 XS Open Close Sensor
  • Zooz ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor
  • Zooz ZSE43 Tilt | Shock Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE44 Temperature | Humidity Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)


Before you Install:

  • Drivers can’t be manually assigned using the IDE so the only way to use the driver is to remove the device and add it again after you’ve installed the driver.


  1. Go to the Zooz Edge Driver Channel and log in with your Samsung/ST account.

  2. Enroll your hub

  3. Click “Available Drivers” (If you still see the “Enroll” button then try clicking it again and if that doesn’t work load the page using the original invitation link again)

  4. Click the “Install” button next to the Driver you want to install.

  5. Wait a few minutes

  6. Join the device


Awesome! Thanks @krlaframboise!


Can you add the ZN15 Power monitoring plug?
Currently using the “Z-Wave Metering Switch”

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Yes, these devices should be supported soon: ZSE18, ZSE29, ZEN15, ZEN16, and ZEN17


Any news about Edge drivers for ZEN26 and ZEN27?


I added my ZSE42 with the edge driver. The driver doesn’t show up in the list when I edit it. It’s detected as a placeholder. When I look at it in the SmartThings mobile app, it’s reporting battery and dry/wet. I don’t know if the battery is correct since it’s reporting 100%.

|Label|Zooz ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor|

On the devices page, the value for hub and device network ID are blank and it’s set to cloud.

All Edge based devices will show as placeholder/CLOUD in the IDE. That’s normal.

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Kevin this could help with Zooz drivers if added to Official Zooz drivers, as description would not be long.

I figured that out a while ago and if you check my channel page or the hub installed driver list in the mobile app you’ll see that I’m using it for the multisensor, multichannel switch, and switch drivers.

Unfortunately if you check the driver screen attached to the device you’ll see that the description field doesn’t get populated so adding official to it wouldn’t be useful enough to justify the amount of time it would take me to republish all the drivers…


The IDE will be going away soon. It’s not compatible with Edge drivers and the data the IDE shows for a device using an Edge Driver may be missing or be inaccurate. Don’t use the IDE to make changes to anything marked “placeholder” or you can break communications altogether. But the incorrect information in the IDE doesn’t affect how the device actually runs. So even if the IDE says it’s a cloud device, if it’s an Edge Driver it still runs locally.

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link):


You are right. I didn’t pay attention to drivers list.
It is there. :slightly_smiling_face:


The 500 series wall dimmers/switches will be supported, but there are a lot of devices in front of them so I’m not sure if they’ll be added before 9/30.

Those devices are supported by the built-in drivers so I highly recommend that users continue using the custom DTH or the built-in DTH so that they’ll get migrated to a functional driver automatically and you won’t lose any of the settings you’ve configured.

If you manually change the device to a driver ahead of time you’ll have to remove the device which will reset all the settings and you won’t be able to re-apply them until the device has been added to the custom driver.

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nice! One thing to note if you’re currently using one of Kevin’s custom Groovy DTH: in theory SmartThings will automatically migrate your Zooz devices from the custom DTH to a custom Edge driver if you have the Edge driver installed before the migration. So in theory you don’t need to wreck all of your automations and things by removing and re-adding the Zooz device as longas you install the Edge drivers before the migration.

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So, I should change back to Kevin’s official DTH? I have my Zen 21’s modified to include the double-tap, or triple… whichever one put it into inclusion or exclusion mode

Not sure if that ever changed in the official DTH, but in any case, I should be on the official DTH?

no worries, I’ll test it later… it’s been a while

If you’ve already moved the device to use an Edge driver then leave it.

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It’s still groovy, and honestly, I don’t remember if Kevin changed the official or if I edited at his direction. I’ll just compare with Zooz DTH.

Not sure Zen21 has Edge driver yet. I’m guessing there would be a generic Z-wave driver if I deleted the DTH.

I have several still in their boxes, and I can’t imagine there would be a point of powering them up and joining them to the hub. I suppose soon enough there will be a specific driver.

***Edit: Yeah, I had two versions of the DTH, but official DTH was in fact changed to use x3 up and down.

Now just hoping it will be a smooth Edge transition. I will be OK, for a while, losing scenes/taps (if it comes to that), but would really like to retain disable/enable relay in settings, and a single “press” or “pushed”, whichever it is.

Hi All, I have a house full of Zooz switches (Zen23/24/32/34/30/72/74, ZSE18/29). I think I’ve found the right spot for these questions…

  1. I have DTH’s installed for each, and I’ve downloaded the edge drivers that are currently available (notated in bold above). Will these automatically update on 9/30, or I have the option now to exclude/re-include those today?
  2. For the Zen 23/24s will there be an Edge Driver released? I don’t want to use the generic driver because I have a lot of scene control with these (double/tripple tapping etc.)

Thanks - Hopefully your answers will help others too.

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Will ST apply these same drivers when the automatically convert existing Zooz devices that are using the existing built in drivers without a custom DTH?

Yes, you can do it today. If you have custom DTHs, those will not be automatically converted over.

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Thanks! Can you recommend a driver for Zen23 and Zen24? I have the most of those and would like to keep using the double tap scene control.