Still Phantom devices

I am still seeing Zwave devices that are not real “Unknown Device” that are causing end devices to route through them and therefore not allow control. Can anyone tell me how in the newest 000.046.00010 this is still happening. Does anyone know how to get them to go away? I have tried the creation of a fake device, let it propogate, wait the 24 hours, come into the ST app and delete it, then do the wave rebuild but it won’t leave! Help! The end device that does exist is a ZooZ wave switch if that matters.

Are you certain it is a ghost device at this point? Devices using Edge drivers would show as Unknown Devices in Routing in IDE.


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Screen shot below. It could be edge related, but in this deployment we only have a few devices and none with device ID08 that I am aware of…


Most likely an Edge driver. I would not rely on any info in IDE at this point as it should be shut down soon.

Run z-wave repair if you haven’t already and for devices you are experiencing issues… check if they were migrated to Edge. It may be they need a better driver or an S2 issue or other.

Just list some of the devices (brand/model) and device handler or edge driver it is using. Community members will offer you assistance.


The impacted device is a Zooz switch type “generic zwave switch”. What is the best way to get information without using the IDE. The zwave repair says failure to find route. For all the zwave devices (only 2 at this house)…. One works, one doesn’t. The one that is closer is the one that doesn’t work…. The whole this is bizarre. I have been a SmartThings user for 10years and really never had this issue or anything like it…. Thanks for the help!

Two options to replace IDE:

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For the Zooz device… is that a device handler you noted for it?

If yes, install the following Edge driver listed below… remove the Zooz switch, add it back by Add device > scan for nearby devices. (Assuming you want to go that route) best way to determine if device is using edge, open it in app, 3 dots and if you see Driver in the pull down… it is using Edge driver and there would be no need to remove the device… skip to below… Or use browser API or CLI noted earlier.

If Edge driver, change it from the app, open the device, tap 3 dots, choose Driver from the list, then change driver and find the edge driver you enrolled from below.

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Hi. Sorry for the lag in response. I got busy and didn’t have time. So, this is one of the ZOOZ switches on my hub. It does not show the driver in the menu in the ST app. Plenty of other devices (non Zooz) do. I have the CLI configured now as well as the api browser and I have a screen shot below of the confit for one of the devices that is not working. Is there a way for me to make it use the Zooz driver I Enabled?