[RELEASE] Zooz ZEN52 Double Relay

This is a device handler for the Zooz ZEN52 Double Relay.


If SmartThings assigns this handler to the device during inclusion then 3 devices will get created, but if you don’t see all 3 then you’ll need to look for them in the “No room assigned” list and manually assign them to the correct room.

If SmartThings doesn’t assign this handler during inclusion you’ll need to manually assign it by opening the device in the IDE and changing the Type field. The child devices should get created immediately after doing that, but you’ll most likely need to manually assign them to the correct room.


  • Supports all of the device’s configuration parameters

  • Main device has the settings and controls both relays

  • Creates a child device for each Relay

  • If you install the optional Zooz Child Switch Button DTH and wire the relay to a Momentary switch you’ll be able to use the button actions pushed, held, pushed2x, pushed3x, pushed4x, and pushed5x to trigger automations.





Zooz ZEN52 Double Relay DTH Code


Optional Zooz Child Switch Button DTH Code
(This handler is only needed if you plan on wiring it to a Momentary Switch and using the button actions to trigger automations)


what kind of psycho uses a 5x button push!

THIS guy.

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