[RELEASE] Zooz Power Strip VER 2.0

You have to add and publish the 2 handlers before joining the device…

I did. Sorry, I thought I explained that.

Any way to resolve this?

I just realized that those handlers don’t have an ocfDeviceType defined so that might be the reason why they’re not rendering properly.

In the definition section of both DTHs, which is near the top of the code, replace the vid line with the line below.

ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.smartplug"

The new mobile app caches the UI so it might take a while to know if that change fixed the problem. You can sometimes force it to refresh by changing the device’s label field in the IDE, but that doesn’t always work.

The only reliable way to make a new UI display is to remove the device, delete the DTH, change the “name” field in the handler, create a new handler with the code, and join the device again.

Once you’re sure that the new mobile app is displaying the updated UI, let me know if that change solved the problem and if it did then I’ll publish a new version of the DTH with that change.

Thanks for your help, but it didn’t work.

Do you have the v2 power strip or the old one?

I have the V2.

Has anyone had any issue with this device and power monitoring? I have two V2.0 ZEN20 devices at this point and have noticed they randomly stop reporting to SmartThings using the latest and greatest device handler.

I have to remove power from the strip to get it to restore power reporting. It is also still connected to SmartThings as I am able to control the outlet functions remotely so it is only related to power/energy reporting.

I am talking to support but they seem to be useless to be honest and wondered if these are just problems other are seeing.

I bought these switches to utilize in my home office for reporting for power consumption and charge back to my company but if this is going to be unstable I may need another solution. I did like this switch gave each outlet its own power/energy monitoring capabilities but this is getting worse and worse.

Does only the power reporting have issues or does it totally drop zwave connection so on/off stops working too?

@pyrodex Also, just wanted to mention, when I had this strip on SmartThings, I had issues with it until I disabled the power monitoring functions. I know that doesn’t really help your situation at all. One thing you could try is to pair it without security enabled. Also, since power cycling it seems to clear the issue temporarily for you, you could also try adding another smart plug to reboot the power strip at night.

No when this occurs and the strip is in this state all other functions work such as on and off via zwave.

Having to buy another device to reboot another device is simply stupid, no offense to you.

I am hoping the creator of the device handlers sees this update and can provide insight and work with engineering on the zooz side.

What firmware version is it? I can’t remember If this handler doesn’t show it on the device details screen then you’ll need to check the IDE.

I haven’t seen this problem, but the device can be extremely chatty and I have seen that cause random issues.

You don’t have to completely disable reporting, but you should disable all the reporting that you’re not using. Most people really don’t have a use for A and V reporting.

For most situations you really only need energy to report once a day because the reported value is cumulative.

If power is what you’re most interested in then I recommend using either the % or W thresholds instead of interval, but if you do decide to use interval I recommend setting it to 1 minute or more.

If it stops reporting again, remove // from the log trace line at the bottom of the code and leave live logging open for a while to see if there’s any activity from it.

If not, open the device details screen and swipe down. Since the handler is using a built-in vid I’m not sure if that will do anything, but if it does you should see a “refresh()…” log entry followed by some meter reports.

Any idea why the main plug gives the state but the children say checking…

Side note. I deleted 1 child and that one now has type as placeholder. Also, all dth’s show as updated.

And since you’re reading this… any idea why the hub is reporting stuff like motion and open/close etc yet it won’t let me ping it?

If you originally joined the power strip to SmartThings prior to 8/16/2020 then the child devices must be deleted and re-created.

The easiest way to do that is to remove the device and join it again, but the other option is to delete all the child devices through the IDE, open the main device’s settings in the mobile app, and change any setting.

FYI, the first post of the topic caches the handlers so the only way to be sure you’re on the latest version is to use GitHub integration or manually check the versions on GitHub.

I have it set through gethub (but I did double check anyway).

So all 5 children must go? Testing on just 1 won’t work?

Technically deleting one should work, but you mentioned something about it showing placeholder which shouldn’t have happened.

Did you delete it through the mobile app or IDE? What did you do to make it re-create the child?

Deleted through ide then changed auto on time (from 1 min to 2) for that child.

Open live logging, try doing that again, and then post the logging results.

There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZEN20 Power Strip (version 2 & 3) on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.