Can't see the "Create new Device Handler" link on the "My Device Handlers" page

I would like to add a new device handler to my hub. I have done this previously by copying and pasting a copy of the code using the “My Device Handlers” page using the “Create new device handler” option. That doesn’t appear on that page. Instead, I get the below on my display. Am I stuck somewhere on a page tree?

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That’s because ST has moved over to using Edge drivers and DTH’s are about to go away with the deprecation of Groovy and the migration. You also can’t add any SmartApps now either.


I was afraid you’d say that. I saw the notices about SmartThings being migrated to an open architecture. So there’s no work around, right now? Would this impact my existing device handlers? One of my smart switches died the other day. Nevertheless, I doubt this is the cause. It’s sister is still running. :crossed_fingers:

I’m not a coder and not much of ST power user either. I’m not looking forward to climbing that frustrating experience mountain again. When and where will we be able to able load code copied from Github again? (I assume that stuff will have to be migrated too.)

You didn’t quite understand his answer. That method is no longer available.

You have to use edge drivers now. If you added a new switch and it was recognized by Smartthings for having a compatible edge driver. Then that’s what the hub used. Unless you already had a working DTH installed. Then it should have used that.

You can’t add things like you used to anymore.

The times they are a changing!

Yeah, “So there’s no work around, right now?” That statement reluctantly acknowledges that. Looking at the link it’ll be no sooner than past the first of the year when Samsung finishes the transition that is if they stay on schedule. IDE is going away taking the few device handlers that I acquired with it.

Like I said for the occasional user like myself this is going to be painful. I’m not sure that making that investment again is worth it. I might just have to scale back my system.

If you provide more details as to the devices (brand/model) and the custom Device Handlers you were using - perhaps someone can offer you more assistance with the transition to Edge for them :slight_smile:

It could be a very simple switch - always possible

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I have a switch that I need to replace now. Based on what I just read I can’t install a driver to allow its use in the advance mode until the new Edge system is commissioned.

again, if you want to provide the brand/model. someone may be able to assist or you can post in the request custom edge drivers thread…


I’ll look into to that discussion. Thanks

You can install device handlers now. You do not use the IDE for anything anymore. It is all done through the app. No copy and pasting code, just find the appropriate driver and 3 clicks has it loaded to your hub.
They asked for the device name model and manufacturer to help guide you to the correct edge driver.

There’s a generic do-nothing driver. I was hoping to install the more advanced ST unapproved driver that manufacturer had developed that’s on their website.

But thanks for your assistance

What device are you trying to install? If the manufacturer has additional features that were previously available via a custom DTH, it’s on them to supply an Edge driver for ST compatibility. That may already have happened (but then they should have made that available on their web page).

Since you mention switches, I wonder if you’re using Zooz devices; the sales page suggests they want you to register products to access their Edge driver channel (just did mine), but their helpdesk site still gives instructions for installing a DTH. The Edge channel is already up and running and can be accessed via this forum.

Again, if you tell us what the device is, we’ll be able to offer a lot more input on getting full function, whether it’s pointing you to the manufacturer’s driver or a community driver, or telling you to start hassling the manufacturer until they get caught up.

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You hit the nail on the head exactly and I just sent ZOOZ a message asking that exact question. Base on your reply and others Edge drivers are available.

We’ll see if they have one for the ZEN76 switch. I have about four of them. I’m using the generic driver right now.

Some of my other switches are beginning to fail so I’ve decided to standardizing on the ZOOZ switches.

Zooz had a Edge driver for the Zen 76.

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Well I’ve begun the journey and climbed my first foot hill on the road to knowledge and experience. I’ve added the new Edge Drivers to my humble Home hub.

My new switch is loaded and working. Thanks to everyone in the community that helped. Also thanks to some YouTube videos and Google

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Having the same issue - I had a virtual thermostat device creator to create a closed loop heater control (smart plug and thermometer) thou this has stopped working. Is there a replacement for this within Edge?

This one might work for you.

Hi, I’ve installed that thou couldn’t work out how to associate it with the temperature device (using Aqara Temperature Sensor currently thou could try with Samsung multi sensor?)


I think you need to change your temp sensor’s driver to the thermostat device; if the fingerprint isn’t included, you might have to request it to be added. You’d likely have better luck on that with the multi sensor. If you ask on the linked thread Mariano should be able to help you figure it out.