Can we use Aeotec Wallmote or Cooper RF9500 with ST after custom devices/smartapps are gone?

hi there, i am using a Cooper RF9500, which is a battery operated switch, to turn some lights on and off. it was using a custom device type and a custom smart app to set what the on/off function does: Cooper RF9500 (RF Battery Operated Switch) - Things That Are Smart Wiki

does anyone have any idea how i will be able to continue using this device once the custom device types and smartapps are gone?

i see there is a similar device made by Aeotec: WallMote 7 – Aeotec

does anyone know if i can use that and if it will work? i am willing to buy any kind of battery operated switch to continue to be able to use the lights where there is no switch nearby.

thank you!

At this point, I don’t know for sure what’s going to work until an edge driver has been released, and that includes Aeotec devices.

There is a very popular Zooz device with a similar form, and Zooz has committed to that working with the new architecture, so that might be an alternative if you want to buy something new.

And Aeotec does have a link to an unofficial edge driver for the Walmote 7

I haven’t seen anything for the Cooper, yet, though.

i’m fine with buying something new if necessary.

so Zooz has an edge driver for that remote switch?

so once i have that installed, does the device have an option for how/what it controls built in? how would i set it to turn something on/off? any ideas?

thank you!

I already gave you the link to the edge driver topic for zooz. The Zen 34 is already listed there, so you can ask any further questions about specifics of the edge driver in that topic.

As far as how you use it, the first option is just to use it like any switch in smartthings. :sunglasses: Create a routine saying when the zen 34 turns on, turn on whatever other smartthings – connected devices you want. Since these are edge drivers, that will now run locally, which is nice.

The other option is if you want to use zwave direct association. I’m not sure if the manufacturer-provided edge driver is going to expose those options, but there is a different community-created edge driver which does let you set associations if you wanted that. But that’s a whole other conversation, and I’m tired right now. Someone else will have to help you explore those details if you want to.

thanks for the info, that should work perfectly!

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i got the zooz 34, installed it… was working fine… but now i find that half the time it doesn’t register a button press in the ST app. i think the radio in it might be very weak. it isn’t that far away from the hub. so it seems like this device is pretty useless.

can you recommend any alternatives to the zooz 34 that have edge drivers? do you know if the aeotec-wallmote-7 has one?

The zooz zen34 has been very popular in the community, so it’s up to you, but if it was me, I wouldn’t give up on it yet.

Do you know if it’s using a DTH or an edge Driver?

Also, I would start by contacting Zooz support. They’re usually very helpful.

I’m very tired tonight, but I’m trying to remember—I think @Automated_House may have some of this model. :thinking:

i’m using the edge driver you recommended for it.

that’s a good idea, i will contact them.

automated_house has the aeotec remote switch?

i just spent 40+ hours changing over my whole system to edge drivers and removing all smartapps and custom device types and old virtual switches and migrating to new stuff. i’m just glad that almost everything is working lol. i am tired too haha.

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I don’t have the Aeotec, I have the Zooz. But I haven’t set it back up yet after our move.

I’m using 3 of the Zen34’s and they have been very reliable any issues that I have had with them have all being app/platform issues such as scenes not working or wrong mode

If you have made many changes recently (like most of us at this time) the first thing I would check when something is not working is that the routine is correct.

I would not be quick to replace them, definitely reach out to the customer support.

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i figured out what the problem was. weak signal. added a zwave outlet between the hub and zooz and works perfectly now!

thanks for all the help!

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