[RELEASE] Zooz ZSE44 Temperature | Humidity XS Sensor

There’s a driver available for this device on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.

Most of the information below is for the old Groovy Handler which will stop working soon.

This is a device handler for the Zooz ZSE44 Temperature | Humidity XS Sensor.


  • Temperature Sensor

  • Humidity Sensor

  • High/Low Temperature Alarm

  • High Humidity Alarm

  • Battery

  • Supports all configuration parameters





How are you getting this to display both temp and humidity on the tile view, is it one of the custom capabilities?

String custom capability which was only included in the dashboard section of the device config/presentation.

The custom capability’s attribute is built from the values of both built-in attributes and is updated every time either value changes.

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I thought that the forum was basically to share knowledge and that anyone could learn from what is shared.

I answered here because the question was asked here!!! and if you had kindly answered when he ask you, I would not have tried to help another.

Who offers what he has is not obliged to do more!

This guy is one of the developers who isn’t here to give back to the community or share and go the extra mile to help users, I think there are only two of them, he’s here only for the money, so it’s in his interests the less people share and know, so he makes more money.

Yes, answering the question fine, but this topic is dedicated to a specific DTH so posting code examples that have nothing to do with this handler will be confusing to all the other users.

He posted on Christmas eve and I had family obligations so I didn’t reply immediately…

If you looked at my GitHub repo you’d see that your comment is total BS…

I will not argue with anyone for nonsense,

For you it may not be important to see an example code but for hundreds of others users who read in this common forum and want to learn, it serves them much more than simple technical instructions.

I’m so sorry I messed up your thread with answers for someone who asked.

Both replies were useful (Kevin’s code is Groovy, and Mariano’s is Lua).


Hey @krlaframboise are you seeing problems lately with SmartThings picking up fingerprints in custom DTH? I recently setup the ZSE44 after installing your DTH. I tried picking another Zooz device, adding generic z-wave device and scanning WR code first and all 3 resulted in it being paired as a generic z-wave sensor. The fingerprint of my device seems to match the one in your DTH. In the end, manually assigning the DTH and waking up the device worked fine, but I was just curious. Here’s the fingerprint of mine just in case:

Yes. Some users have been experiencing this problem ever since ST rolled out drivers.

I haven’t ran into a device that I couldn’t get to join with the correct handler, but sometimes it took 3 or 4 attempts.

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Are you going to sell the zse43 and 44 on Amazon? @TheSmartestHouse

Yes, once they’re out of beta, they’ll be released on Amazon as well. We don’t have a date for the release yet unfortunately.

There’s a driver available for the ZSE44 on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.