Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Could http requests be used to check devices statuses? :thinking:

Hello to everyone,

I have an Eurotronic Air quality Sensor. That works great with a coustom device handler done by the Community ( best Community ever ) .

Here is the Link to the device handler

I tried it now to Connect it with the Edge driver for Z-Wave Sensors. That doesn’t work. Is it possible to get an Edge driver for this sensor?

Thank you

I’m in need of driver for Remotec zxt-120 that let’s me specify the remote code to use so I can effectively continue to control my hvac.


Looking for edge drivers for GoControl GD00Z-8-GC.

zw:Ls2ac type:4007 mfr:014F prod:4744 model:3531 ver:3.00 zwv:4.60 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F sec:85,59,66,22,71,5A,73,6C,7A,72,86


I wish I knew this device existed. I have been thinking about making something like this out of a small LED strip. I hope someone makes an Edge Driver for this. Also for the HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer.


Zooz Drivers


I may try, but I’m not going to mess with it until it stops working on its own

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A request for an edge driver for the Zwave Greenwave single node power socket, the device does have a few settings available, or at least it used to have in the Smartthings original app, since then the available config options and UI components have not been available

Original DTH with pictures of available options in the UI

Raw description
zw:L type:1001 mfr:0099 prod:0002 model:0002 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:25,32,72,86,20,71,70,27,85,87,75,56

I would also want this integration to the monoprice 6 zone amp… This integration will completely stop working in about a month. Anyone has any ideas/suggestions?


Added to this driver version
Please,Try and tell me if works

│ Name        │ Z-Wave Switch Mc                     │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-25T21:16:15.719160733        │
  - id: 0099/0002/0002
    deviceLabel: GreenWave Outlet
    manufacturerId: 0x0099
    productType: 0x0002
    productId: 0x0002
    deviceProfileName: metering-switch

In this post you have a example how scan all device paremeter of you device and how re-configure parameters


Added to this version of stock driver
Please try and tell me if works

│ Name        │ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm-Mc                │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-25T21:35:39.659534875        │
  - id: 0260/8002/1000
    deviceLabel: First Alert Smoke Detector
    manufacturerId: 0x0260
    productType: 0x8002
    productId: 0x1000
    deviceProfileName: smoke-co-battery
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After much trying Mariano, a scan nearby keeps connecting the device to a stock Zwave driver from Groovy, the scan appears to not see your driver, which is definately installed

Groovy shows (Zwave device) and local, if i tap the 3 dots top right, no driver options are presented, so it seems it is failing to see your driver

Have you tried z-wave exclusion? Is z-wave device the name of the device type it keeps getting paired with?

Yeah 3 times JKP, luckily exclusion works well with these devices

Rebooted the hub as well

Shame we cant change the Groovy ID to sudo edge thing, then tap 3 dots and pick a driver from the device page

And no device handlers installed in IDE called Greenwave PowerNode…

Yeah, i do have Greenwave DTH installed, i cant delete it as i have a few running off it

I actually edited the IDE too Greenwave as the stock Zwave driver it found was a dimmer ?

The only other thing i can think off is refresh the driver with the CLI, i grabbed a few of Marianos drivers while i was looking through his list, its possible i already had the driver installed in which case its a 12hr update wait or a refresh

Did you comment out all of the fingerprints in the GreenWave DTH?

I havent Phil, should i ?

Yes. I think those will pull it to Groovy. Weird that it went to a stock DTH, but I remember having issues like that from the beginning of the Edge beta. It won’t hurt the ones still using that DTH, so it’s worth trying.

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A little nervous here Phil, i have 2 Greenwave Device handlers in the IDE, what am i editing and will it affect the other Greenwave devices 1 is running my freezer with a ton of automations, i kinda dont want to loose it by my lack of understanding