Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Universal Relay

Does anyone have any experience with this device? Particularly with garage doors… but interested in other uses.

Both the ZEN16 and ZEN17 work great. Edge drivers for both are available on Zooz official channel (link on their site or on a forum post here). They both are excellent for garage use or any where you need dry contacts and/or relays.

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Thanks Corey-

I’ve built my own relays/switches/AC/DC/Zwave in the past, but probably can’t buy all the parts to do it for $39.00. Glad to hear this thing works. I’m curious as to the 10 amp / 20 amp rating as I have lots of ideas for this device. Are you close to the max in your use?

I have not used them for heavy current loads like pool pumps, but others have.

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With the end of Groovy, what did you use for a handler? Zooz instructions line 3 requires installing a special handler. I’m concerned the device might not work if Groovy and IDE are gone.

(from Zooz Support Page:


  1. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP: Install a special custom device handler for a virtual Garage Door device that you’ll use to open and close the garage door from your SmartThings hub (it’s not the same handler as your ZEN17 device handler so please ensure you install the below handler before proceeding):

Supports both the ZEN16 and ZEN17. Created by Kevin and supported as the native driver by Zooz.

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Awesome… Thanks. I was searching on the Zooz site… :frowning:

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I will be replacing my 2 Linear GD00Z-4’s with this Zen17. The GD00Z-4 came with a tilt sensor that must get included at the same time that the control gets paired. (there is not a separate device listed in my SmartThings devices). I understand the Zen17 can work with a z-wave tilt sensor, but I don’t see any instructions on how to pair this tilt sensor with the Zen17.

Has anyone done this? I wouldn’t think the tilt sensor is specific to the Linear GD00Z-4…

It seems unlikely that the tilt sensor is z-wave so you most likely won’t be able to use that with SmartThings.

You can attach a wired sensor to the ZEN17, but you can’t pair a device directly to it so you’d need to add the tilt sensor directly to SmartThings.

Since it attaches to the garage door and is wireless, I guess I assumed it was Z-Wave. It must communicate with the Linear GD00Z-4 via Bluetooth or some other way.

I can attach a micro switch to the doors. Do you know if it will show the “opening” that I currently get with the Linear GD00Z-4, as well as “open”?

I’m not sure what a “micro switch” is, but if it has 2 wires that can be connected to the input terminals of the ZEN17 and it opens/closes the circuit then you should be able to use it.

There’s a setting in the driver that allows you to choose the type of device connected to the Input and it will show the input device’s state using the corresponding capability. The input device can also just be used to control the Relay without its state being shown.

It’s just a small 2 wire switch that has both NO contacts and NC contacts. Currently the Linear controllers will show “opening” and “closing” while the doors are moving. I assume I’ll lose that with a wired switch and just get “open” and “closed”…

The state shown would match the input so there’s no transitional state and if you interact with the door without changing the state of what’s attached to the input then the state of that input shown in ST won’t change.

There was a SmartApp that automatically created and synced a virtual garage door device for the selected contact sensor and relay, but the SmartApp platform is gone.

This seems to be the alternative most users are going with:

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Thanks Kevin. Seems like that might get me where I want to go with a z-wave tilt sensor!

I installed @krlaframboise driver…

Do I need to ALSO install a garage door app? Reason I ask, the Zen17 shows up in SmartThings,

and I got both relays to show up separately. I went with a wired contact switch that is showing OPEN and CLOSED

, but the Zen17 shows ON or OFF. I assume I need this to be a momentary switch to activate the garage door. I don’t see a way to do that in settings… which is why I’m thinking I need a specific garage door app/driver…

If you have the a switch attached to the inputs then you can use that switch to trigger the relay to turn on/off.

If you want to use the inputs to see the state of the wired contact sensor then you’ll only be able to turn the relay on/off through SmartThings.

What are you trying to accomplish?

You can’t use the Garage Door app anymore because ST is about to retire the old Groovy platform which is what it was written in.

I’m almost there… I’ve got the wired sensors reporting correctly…

I’m going to use this for a garage door opener. I’ve got the wired sensor connected to S1 and C of the Zen17. I will be using R1 C and NO to trigger the door opener. Shouldn’t this be a momentary switch just like a wall push button? I would not think “ON” would be good. I just don’t see a way to make the clicking of the SmartThings button to be a momentary switch, which is why I was thinking I must be missing a step.

Changing the “Auto Off” setting to something like 2 seconds should solve your problem.

Ahhh… That should do it. Thank you very much… Happy New Year!!!

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