Where to find and how to install Edge device drivers

I set up all of my automations 3 years ago when we built a new house. Since then I’ve been in pretty good shape with everything working as expected etc. Now comes the transition to Edge drivers.

Is there a wiki that explains where to find Edge drivers for devices and how to install them without using IDE?


As @JDRoberts always says: the model number matters. In this case both the model of your hub and of your devices.

If you are using stock DTHs, then you will most likely be able to run with stock drivers. Those are loaded automatically. Those devices will be automatically migrated sometime in the next 3 months. See the first post of this thread

If you’re running any custom DTHs, you’re under a very tight deadline as those are expected to stop functioning on December 31. As explained in the thread I referenced, there will be an attempted migration that may or may not leave you with a functioning device.




Important to point out that you can not install Edge Drivers nor can you edit Edge devices in IDE. IDE was designed for Groovy devices and smartapps. IDE is scheuled to be shut down on December 31, 2022. (possible date could change)


Thanks for the replies and links! I’ll dig into those threads and learn. I’m running Smartthings Hub v2. I have several Zooz devices and I’d like to be able to use either the official Edge drivers or any custom Zooz device Edge drivers from community members.


Again, the model number matters. I’ve got a number of ZEN26 and ZEN27 Zooz devices. They are slowly being automatically migrated to stock drivers with no action from me. But I was using the stock DTHs on order to have local execution under the old architecture.

If you’re running any custom DTHs, pay attention to those first. You’ve got about a week to deal with them.

For the “end of Groovy” thread I posted, read the first post, then skip way down and work thru the posts from the last week to 10 days.

This whole thing has evolved over the last few months. Anything you read that’s more than a couple weeks old could be wrong due to later changes.


The community FAQ is a good place to start. It also has links to most of the other resources you might need, including the official transition FAQ.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

As others have noted, Samsung has changed the dates a couple of times since the first announcement, so the first post of the announcement thread that @HalD gave you should have the most current dates. They seem to be updating that one as changes are made.

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Just wanted to thank everyone for all the resources and comments. I have what I need to ensure I’m all good for my setup. Much appreciated!