[RELEASE] Zooz Remote Switch ZEN34

You can usually force the ZEN34 to join unauthenticated by not entering the pin or scanning the qr code. It will display a warning about security and ask you to exclude it, but you can just ignore that warning.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help with your non-S2 devices.

Well, replaced the physical dimmer switch with S2 and now the association is working! Thanks



I’m thinking about buying some of these remotes. Will they work with edge drivers?

In other words, if I buy them will they work in the future or should I not even bother? I would be using them with LIFX bulbs.

The Zooz channel I’ve created has a driver for this device. I’ll send you an invite to the private topic for the channel.

Are you currently using the built-in routines/automations feature to control those LIFX bulbs or are you using some other SmartApp?

I haven’t bought any of these devices yet. Still kicking around the idea. But I do appreciate an invite. Currently I am controlling the life X bulbs through webCoRE, I have not set up any native smart things routines with them yet.

Can you send me an invitation to the zooz edge driver channel??

Hello, can I have an invite for the zooz Zen34 edge driver?

Thanks !

May I get an invite the the zooz drivers please?

I’ve sent the invite.

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@krlaframboise Would you please send me the invite for the ZEN34 Edge Driver as well? Thanks!

@krlaframboise I’d love an invite for Zooz Edge drivers as well pls, thanks!

I would also like an invite to the Zooz Edge drivers

I have five of these I would like to install - can you send me the invitation as well. Thanks

I’m just installing these and I am also looking for edge drivers. Can I get an invitation, please?

Thank you

Also would like an invite.


Kevin, could you please send me an invite for the Zooz edge drive beta channel?

Could I get an invite @krlaframboise to the edge driver beta too?


If I could get an invite to the beta channel please! Thank you @krlaframboise

@krlaframboise can I get an invite to your device channel? Been using several of your DH for years!

There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZEN34 Remote Switch on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.

Important: after inclusion has finished and you’ve tested that the button is working you should tap the upper paddle 7x to force it to wake up and go back to sleep.