[RELEASE] Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor

Hi Kevin, please send me an invite. Thanks

Invite to zoos edge beta channel please and thank you.


If you’re still handing out invites I’ll take one

Just so others know, I haven’t been ignoring these requests and the drivers are available to everyone that asks, but when I add them to the PM ST automatically sends them the invite so there’s no need to reply on this topic…

Would love to have an invite also.


hi Kevin, can I please get an invite also

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Thank You!

Can I please get an invite to the Zooz Beta Driver Channel topic?

I would like an invite please.

I would like an invite too.

I would like an invite please.

Invite please :slight_smile:

I sent you the invite yesterday…

Hi Kevin is it possible to be invited to your Zooz driver as well? Please let me know what other info you need from me. TIA

Hi Kevin,
Please send me invite for ZSE40 Edge driver. Currently using rboy groovy device handler, which no longer works. Thanks!

Yes Kevin, please send me an invite as well.

Thank you for all of your continuing hard work.

Hi, can I get an invite to the channel? Thanks!

There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.

No invite is required for official channel. Here is a list of all channels including Zooz:

It’s in the first post…