[RELEASE] Zooz Scene Controller (ZEN32)

This is a device handler for the Zooz Scene Controller (ZEN32).

The main device is a switch for the large button, it has all the non-button related settings, and it creates child button devices for the 4 small buttons.

You must install both of the handlers below in order to use the 4 small buttons. You could delete the child device for the button(s) you don’t plan on using, but the handler will create them again if you change any of the main device’s settings.

All 5 buttons support the button and LED features listed below which can all be used in Automations. The child devices have their own association settings.


  • Button Actions:
    (Pressed, Held, Pressed 2 times, Pressed 3 times, Pressed 4 times, Pressed 5 times)

  • LED Color:
    White, Blue, Green, Red

  • LED Brightness:
    Bright (100%), Medium (60%), Low (30%)

  • LED Mode:
    LED On When Off, LED On When On, LED Always Off, LED Always On

  • Basic Set Association Group

  • Switch Multilevel Start/Stop Level Change Association Group



Parent Device



Child Devices (created for buttons 1-4)




If you add a device’s Device Network ID to any of the button’s association groups and then remove that device from SmartThings, you MUST come back and remove it from the button’s settings. Failing to do that will substantially increase the number of z-wave messages being sent by this device and could affect the stability of your z-wave mesh and delay the button events.


Main DTH


Child DTH for Buttons


@krlaframboise any known issues with the DTH if I force the device to pair without S2? (i have to do direct association with non S2 devices)

The only quirk I’m aware of is that when it’s joined without S2 it ignores association get commands so the handler can’t confirm that the associations were added/removed.

I built a workaround into the handler which seems to be reliable, but if you add a node and it doesn’t appear to be working just remove it from the settings, save, and add it again…

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Hi Kevin,

Would it be possible to use the keypad without load and use button 1 (big one) for scene activation ?

Would it be possible to change LED color intensity ounce button press as a indication that the scene is on or off ? useful at night also !

Best Regards

There are settings that allow you to disable physical and z-wave control which completely disables the ability to control the load so I would think that it doesn’t need to be connected to a load, but that’s really a question for @TheSmartestHouse

I’m not sure what you mean by “intensity”, but if the LED mode is set to “on when off” or “on when on” then the LED is toggled every time its button is pushed. Each button has that LED Mode setting.

The problem with using that method to control the LED is that if you turn that other device on/off without pushing the button then it will become out of sync.

The more reliable way to use the LED would be to set the LED Mode to “always off” and setup Automations that trigger when the other device is turned on/off and sets the LED Mode to “always on”/“always” off.

That will ensure that no matter how the other device is controlled the LED will stay in sync. This method would also allow you to change the brightness and color of the LED.

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This is exactly how i’m using it, with the internal relay disabled.


Confirmed, you can use this switch without a load connected to it just like most of our other switches!


@krlaframboise or @TheSmartestHouse can one of you confirm if the limitation for the number of direct association devices (5) is a hard limit? If so this may be a hard no for my use case (I need 6)

If their website or the manual said 5 then that would be a hard limit, but @TheSmartestHouse can confirm that.


What I’m seeing is instead of the behavior noted innthe DTH (setting 5 and dropping any more) i got zero set if the parser saw more than 5. I couldn’t confirm that behavior because i was joined non S2 so your workaround applies but of course no confirm was logged in the dialog.

I rejoined it with S2 and now it shows success adding the devices to be associated with group 2 but only if theres less than 5 entries in the settings dialog. I cant test because the targets are all non S2.

If there’s no hard limit on how many associations, consider this a design change request for at least six. :slight_smile:

I did workaround it for now using central scenes and ST automation.

There is a hard limit. If you remove // from the log.trace line at the bottom of the code and then change an association it should log the association report which will show the maximum.

My handlers should always support the maximum and it’s most likely 5, but it’s possible I forgot to check that report and change it.

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It’s 5 devices per group but if the protocol allows us to, we’ll extend it to 10 in the next release. We’ll keep you posted!

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There is always a hard limit, it should be listed in the conformance statement for any certified Z wave device. However, I’m not seeing this device listed on the official Z wave alliance site, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.


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The ZEN32 and ZEN17 were certified under the wrong brand on the manufacturer side and we’re working to get that fixed on the site. They should show up under the Zooz brand within the next week or two.


@krlaframboise I bought the ZEN32 added the 2 device handlers then added to device to SmartThings but I cannot get the 4 scene buttons to show up in SmartThings. I can control the main button with SmartThings but the 4 scene buttons is not in the app. I’ve removed the device using z-wave exclusion & reset by hold down for 20 seconds but no scene buttons. Any ideas?

Remove // from the front of the log.trace line at the very bottom of the main handler and then save and publish.

After doing that, open live logging, open the device’s settings screen in the mobile app, change any setting, wait for the messages in live logging to stop, and then post the results.

Hi Kevin,

Finally got it to work. I added the device and excluded a bunch of times but no luck with the 4 scene buttons. The only way I got it to work was when adding the device and it prompts to scan the QR code I hit cancel then it added with the 4 scene buttons + main. Thanks for your response. If it happens again i’ll be sure to do the live logging.


I found the SmartThings app chokes when adding multiple devices at once like this device does. One or two of them would land in the Room they were supposed to, but the others would end up at the bottom of the main page where devices without a Room go.


Yup same thing happen to me. Main+2 buttons were in a room & the 2 others had no rooms.


Mine did the same when adding both S2 and non S2. On include it put all the child devices in with no room assigned - dropped to the bottom of the home screen.