[RELEASE] Zooz Q Sensor (ZSE11)

Kevin can you please tell me by looking at my settings how temperature should be reported

Currently everything is being reported live or on schedule, except for the temperature. Temperature is reporting only hourly, regardles of temperature change. I think i have temperature set to report on 1°F change, but is not happening



As long as the main screen shows that the settings are synced those settings should make it report every 1° change.

Just in case the issue has something to do with the value 1 you should change it to 2, wake it up, and see if that makes it report more often…

I’ll change it to 2°F, and wait to see if it’s making any difference.

@krlaframboise That did the trick. It us updating temperature now with 2° change. Question is if I change it back to 1°, will it keep sending updates, in every 1° change.

Update: After changing settings to 1°, it still reports on at least 2° difference. I am guessing, there is an issue with 1°

Try it and let me know.

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It’s easy for me to try, with inside temperature of 70ish and outside 34°F.

Or Pending change is the problem

Kevin it is working now :smiley::+1:

As I have placed it outside, temperature reading is dropping so fast.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Maybe default settings should be left blank, and when users enter the value, that would reset device.

If the device’s default value isn’t the same as the default value in the handler then that might explain why it didn’t accept the value until you changed it to something else and then changed it back, but I’ll have to do some testing.

@krlaframboise - Question for you about the power source setup.

  1. Is there a technical reason why one cannot switch between battery or DC modes after initial setup?
  2. Possible to make an option for disabling relay feature?

My unit was setup with battery mode (on purpose, as I didn’t want it to be a relay) and then connected to DC source anyways. Doesn’t appear that it actually made use of the DC power, as the batteries have now been depleted after ~2 months. I figured I could just remove the batteries, reconnect DC power, and it would fire up. Nope. Doesn’t seems to work that way.

I have added my Q sensor as battery powered, and now it’s connected using 2A usb plug. Battery is still at 100% even when is unplugged. Maybe your usb plug is bad?

The way the device is joined determines if the device sleeps or is an always on repeater. If devices started using it as a repeater and then it started sleeping that would mess up your z-wave mesh.

If you join it as a battery device you should be able to power it by USB and the battery will just be used as a backup.

Is the USB cable pushed tightly against the device and have you tested that cable and power adapter with another device?

Guess that means there isn’t a way to announce to the mesh its no longer a repeater then, it sounds like.

With no batteries installed, connecting the USB cable, the blue light illuminates, which I assume mean it has sufficient power. Using an old 1A USB cell phone charger. When double-checking the amperage of the charger, noticed it wasn’t fully seated in the outlet. Maybe thats part of the recent problem for no events. Anyways, now its logging events again but the ST app still shows battery power and 1% even though nothing is installed.

That was most likely the issue because I didn’t see that behavior during my testing and I haven’t heard any similar complaints.

If you don’t have a battery in it then it’s probably reporting 0%, but I think at one point creating a 0% battery level event caused an issue in ST so all of my handlers report 1% when the value is less than 1.

Besides a reset and connecting it via DC power, is there any way to change the power source so it doesn’t report battery and 1%?

If you don’t plan on using it with a battery then you could just put the following on line 382 and it will always show 100%, but after making that change you’ll need to either wake the device up or unplug it for a few seconds to make it update.

val = 100

Hi Kevin, it is just a thanks note. your code Works amazing. I was very frustate, cuse coudnt get the best resukts on this device.
go ahead bro. your work is changing the world

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An Edge Driver is available for the ZSE11 so let me know if you’d like an invite to the the Zooz Beta Driver Channel topic.

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How did you get the firmware updated?

By contact Zooz support, who provided it via email.
Then following How to Perform an OTA Firmware Update on Zooz Devices - Zooz Support Center

There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZSE11 Q Sensor on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.