[RELEASE] Zooz ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor

This is a device handler for the Zooz ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor.


  • Water Sensor

  • Battery

  • Group 2 Associations

  • Supports all configuration parameters


Glad to see TSH/Zooz is still steadily releasing products. And that you are making them work.

Cool, hadn’t seen this one announced yet!

How long would just one coin cell battery last? Doesn’t mention in manual.

@TheSmartestHouse might be able to answer that.

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If any brave advanced users have this device and are interested in testing a locally executing Edge Driver for it let me know and I’ll send you the invitation to my Zooz Channel once I’ve published it…

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I am interested in edge drivers for Zen30 and Zen32

Those devices are at the top of my To Do list, but I need to make sure that users don’t run into any issues with the ZSE41 and ZSE42 drivers before attempting something more complex.

I face similar kind of issue last time. I am still searching for some proper solution.


What issue?

Received the XS water sensor today. Work just as well as my SmartThings water sensor. At first I tried the generic Zwave water sensor but that didn’t work. Had to use the device handler above. @krlaframboise I’m interested in the Edge Driver. Let me know what I need to do.

I just PM’d you the link, instructions, and disclaimer…

Also just got my XS Water and Open Close sensors today, would love to help test out the edge drivers straight out of the box!

Got both XS sensors and the new water valve. Down to test :slight_smile:

I’ve invited you both to the PM with the link…


It will all depend on the amount of daily triggers and distance from the hub (if the communication is direct or indirect) - we estimate 8-12 months of battery life here.

Kevin can you add me to your channel too. I don’t have those two ZENs but i do have some other - Zen30 and Zen32. Thank in advance

What is battery life experience with ZSE41 and ZSE42?

see below…

@krlaframboise can I also join your edge channel

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