The End of Groovy Has Arrived

The fastest Way to find custom edge Drivers is usually to check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

How to Quick Browse the Community-Created SmartApps Forum Section - Things That Are Smart Wiki



Is there going to be a stock replacement for the SmartWeather Station Tile? I’ve seen the question asked a few times in this thread and searched elsewhere in the forum and can’t find that it is. I can see some Edge drivers created, but the main one I found requires an always on computer to feed it, which I don’t have.

My use case is actually not really based on weather, its after the illumination values. I know it wasn’t great, but I found when I combined it with UV values, it was good enough for rudimentary “its cloudy or dusk” and turn the lights on type stuff. Just didn’t want the lights coming on all day with motion in the rooms that usually get bright sun most of the day.


I’m late to this game and quickly trying to get up to speed. I have a many webcore routines that have been running great. I know what I need to do as far as logic, and I’ve read through many of the posts here, but I have not seen a place to start understanding how I’ll create new virtual switches or other customizations. Can anyone point me at an FAQ or something else that puts me at the starting gate?

One last thing, will my existing virtual switches work? I do have a hub.

Here is an Edge virtual device creator thread

If they are Groovy based, no.

You could recreate your pistons as Routines, but since webCore pistons tend to be more complex, I would take a look at the SharpTools rule engine. Its capabilities should support all but the most complex pistons. There is a great community there that can help with rule design, and the developers are very actively involved.


So we’re about 25 days out from the sunset of Groovy, and I’m just not sure how we are all going to be “ready” on that date.

I have about 50 devices in my system. I’ve converted a little more than half of them over to Edge drivers. Some required some creative solutions by TAustin, Mariano, and philh30.

Of the remainder, I suspect about half will eventually be “uncommented” from the stock drivers.

But the rest - about 12 or so - don’t seem to show as available in any drivers I’ve found (though it is a PITA to search for them). What’s my option - wait and see what happens - or do I start requesting custom drivers be made for them now?

Some examples:

Monoprice z-wave garage door sensor

Monoprice z-wave door/window sensor

Minoston z-wave smart plug

Aeon siren

GE/JASCO switch

ZOOZ switch

Ecolink z-wave motion sensor

Zooz is creating their own Edge Drivers. Here’s that thread:

[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

If your device isn’t already there, ask in that thread to see if they have plans to add it.

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As far as I am aware, if a device is fingerprinted in a stock handler it should get migrated to a driver. What we don’t know is the order they are being tackled and this year there seems to have been an unprecedented number of new handlers and new fingerprints appearing and the activity barely seems to have slowed. So there will still be catching up to do. For example I’ve been waiting for the Sonoff S26R2ZB to appear and the same hopefully will apply to your Minoston which is fingerprinted in a handler.

Your Aeon Siren may already be in a driver but I am not familiar with it.

What happens if they’re not fingerprinted and there’s no custom driver available? I have several, including basic dimmers where this is the case. For at least a couple of those I see other devices of the same manufacturer in the fingerprints, just not my specific device.

There are generic fingerprints that should catch the basic devices that aren’t specifically listed:


Bry, thank you so much for this… exactly what I was looking for!


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Hi, @dualtronic

I am not sure if I fully understand your concern, but you don’t have to wait till September 30 to test the new Edge Drivers.

The steps to install them are the following:

  1. Go to this page
  2. Click Enroll
  3. Check the Available drivers
  4. Click Install in the Driver you are interested

Hi, @fido

We are working so this won’t happen on the date of the migration.


At what point do the generic fingerprints start to pick up unlisted devices for the stock drivers? Currently they are not.

For example, my Minoston plug is a simple z-wave plug. Up until now, it would only pick up with its associated DTH. Since installing your Z-wave Masquerade, that’s the only Edge driver picking it up, and it won’t let me select another. This is with whatever stock drivers are loaded, not the beta ones.

I think the production drivers still have the generic fingerprints commented out, so you’d need to install the beta drivers to use that option. The generic fingerprints also aren’t currently pulling devices into Edge.

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Just got my Minoston switch added as Z-wave Switch using the beta.

Can you explain what you mean by: “The generic fingerprints also aren’t currently pulling devices in to Edge”? If it added and has a “Driver” under the menu, isn’t it an Edge driver?


Hi, @jjmucker

Edge Drivers installed on your Hub won’t allow the developer to have any sort of control over your device. They (developers) are not even allowed to uninstall that Driver from your Hub. The only potential problem would be if that developer pushes an update on that same Driver and he accidentally introduces a bug that may break some functionalities.

I can’t imagine a reason why anyone would do this on purpose, nor heard of anyone doing it on the past.

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Hi, @jjmucker

We are already aware of this issue, and we are taking a look into it.

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I just got home and the first thing I did was re-pair one of my lights. THANK YOU! It works great!

I have migrated to home assistant and smartthing is disconnected laying in a drawer. Just the concept with all the dhs and dths that you relay on is being present. I don’t understand why smartthings can just use the zha database or zwave database where your hub interviews all units in order to find its capabilities.

I have 126 units and everything work without writing a single line of code for a DTH. HA is a phantastic system

Question: will there be a way to see routing for a device? I spent hours today trying to figure out why I has four Zigbee devices offline ( using edge drivers) for two sold days. Without being able to see the routing, I never did figure it out. I just uninstalled and re installed them. Then having to re create routines, Alexa set up and Action title set up, what I pain. Is there going to be a way to see routing moving forward? Or should those of us lucky to have tech support in our region, just flood support with requests regarding routing?

Being able to look at Mesh is important. Am I just missing where they hide this tool?

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