[RELEASE] Zooz Outdoor Motion Sensor (ZSE29)

There’s a driver available for this device on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.


Thanks Kevin! How is this device performing?

In looking at it further, it says to avoid exposing it to direct sun or rainfall. Is it really an outdoor sensor if it isn’t fully weatherproof?

Besides writing the handler I haven’t actually used it yet.

When was this outdoor sensor released by Zooz? Just recently?

Yes, it was released just over a week ago. The Zooz website is being redesigned so some of the new products are not on there but support articles are being added daily for the latest models here: Knowledge Base - Zooz Support Center



I’ll take one for my back deck!


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@TheSmartestHouse if this more of a CYA statement or can the sensor really not handle a little rain? Does it have an IP rating?

To mount the unit find a sheltered area, without direct sunshine or exposure to rain, within range of your Z-Wave hub (some drizzle is fine).

I am going to mount it under the soffit. I’m in NC so the winters are not that bad. Hopefully, the battery will last awhile.

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Yes, it’s IP44 rated so it can handle some rain. We recommend keeping it under shelter for best performance. Electronics and motion detection lens are sensitive to direct sunlight as well so not keeping it exposed out in the open will help durability and reliability.


Keeping a close eye on this one and your review of the device! Believe it would be very valuable to have one on the eave of my house, under the soffit so when some one walks up my drive way to go to the front door, it will flag motion.

From there, I can get dog barking noises from echo speaks if I am away, turn on lights if I am home, etc.

I am curious what the motion reset value is? For example, I have some motion sensors that have a 3 minute lockout period (detects motion and stays in the detected state for 3 minutes) where others like the IRIS sensors have like a 30-45 second motion lock state. Any idea?

I’ve ordered one of these from Amazon. I’ll post my impressions once I receive it and test it.

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There’s a physical dial that allows you to set it between 5 seconds and 12 minutes.

I received one of these units. Had a couple installation issues.

First, the screws that hold the front to the back were extremely tight. Didn’t think I was going to get one of them out. They are small and require a small phillips screwdriver to fit in the recessed opening.

Second, When I went to adjust the timing and lux settings one of the adjustment screws fell out. Luckily I found it. I could re-insert it but not sure it is making the adjustment. Will know more after watching it a couple days.

Other than that, it seems to be great. It paired up immediately and sees motion quite good. I used the above DTH.

Thanks for the feedback Jim! We’ll try to address both issues in the next production run.

I had same issues. Using on Vera right now.

  1. The adjustment screws pull right out with the flathead screwdriver. Have to be very careful.
  2. Might be better to have the adjustments be parameters like the other zooz sensors. Once its mounted outside, you don’t want to keep having to climb a ladder to tweak the sensitivity. Not to mention, can’t tell how the are currently set. Manual doesn’t specify what time or lux button adjustment does. Maybe specify?
  3. My zooz 4in1 sensor detects movement immediatly. This one seems to take about 10 seconds to trigger.
  4. The tamper switch and test mode are a bit strange. Why have tamper switch and settings all the way left for test mode? Maybe just do one of those or set the red blinking from a parameter?
  5. Maybe do a dipswitch to override the tamper switch during testing. I have mine mounted on my soffit and it is impossible to test the motion detection by yourself in it’s mounting location.

As far as feedback on the whole purpose of this new sensor. It does seem well built to resist rain/drizzle. The mounting is easy and includes all needed hardware. It works well in the sun, with pretty good detection.

Thank you for sharing Alex. We’ll look into adding parameters to the sensor as well. Sensitivity isn’t adjustable at all, the timer knob is to adjust retrigger time, so the time the sensor will not check for another motion event after the first event was reported. The purpose of this is to keep the lights on longer after the initial motion event as opposed to them turning on and off every few seconds in between movements. The lux adjustment knob is to decide what brightness level will trigger the associated lights to turn on so they don’t come on when it’s still daylight. We’ll explain it better in the next version of the manual and in the meantime, will create support articles in the knowledge base with details on the functionality.

We’ll also work on the tamper switch setting issue to make it more user friendly. Right now the tamper sets the LED indicator off (so it’s easier to test motion detection) while the knobs just make the sensor react faster so it’s 2 separate features that are activated by these actions. Since not all hubs support advanced parameter input, we wanted to possibly keep this process independent of the Z-Wave interface.

It shouldn’t take 10 seconds to trigger, detection is very fast for this one, so it may be a range issue in your case. Did you notice that delay when the sensor was close to SmartThings?

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Really don’t understand this one since there is no Lux reading in the Device Tile.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with this much and I installed it without first installing the DTH. It initially paired as an open/close window sensor. I left it his way for a couple of days and it dropped off my network after being successfully paired. I believe it dropped off after switching Device Handlers in the IDE (posted above)…I removed the batteries and it wouldn’t come back online. Not your fault but for some reason I can’t get into the Z-Wave Utilities in the Classic Smart App but was able to exclude successfully in the IDE. After excluding, repairing was simple following the instructions. Its been working fine since.

I am on the fence with the adjustment screws vs having the option to set parameters programmatically. I finally was able to get it to an acceptable retrigger time. For me, that’s about a minute.

For an outdoor sensor, it works and works well. Motion is pretty much instantaneous. The field of view is sufficient for my purposes. You will NOT get to my back door without being detected!

Good Job @TheSmartestHouse! Will update you after a couple of weeks and if anything goes funky.

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Thanks for sharing this @rontalley!

The device doesn’t report the lux level which is why there isn’t a tile for it.

If you have a device like the Aeotec Minimote or Aeotec Z-Stick you can add a device to the motion sensor’s association group so that it automatically turns on/off based on motion. That communication happens directly so that knob setting is the only way someone using associations would be able to prevent the light from turning on during the day time.

If you’re not using associations, then the knob doesn’t do anything so you can just ignore it…

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That makes sense now.