[RELEASE] Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE18

That is exactly correct.

Just as an FYI. This thing has no pet immunity. my 8LBs 4 legged furball trips it often.

Did you try adjusting the sensitivity down?

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I’m 80% of the way through the room before it trips when its low enough to not detect the furball.

Maybe try adjusting the position of the sensor, pointing straight rather than to the floor to see if it helps.

If you’re primarily using it for motion lighting and not security then mounting it about waste high on a wall pointed towards the ceiling should allows pets to pass below the beams so they won’t trip it even on the most sensitive setting. Sitting it near the back of a shelf has the same effect.

Also make sure to position it so you’re walking perpendicular to the field of vision.

Mix of lighting and security. It’ll turn lights on low while home in the evening. Away lights come on full to assist cameras with beter lighting. To much interfering objects for low mounting. Need to be mounted high down looking.

Was hoping to avoid other locations for mounting as where I put them is a zero dmg install. Outside sheetrock corner, so the mag mount sticks to the steel corner . Will have to look at alternate locations.

Looking for some help with the device handler for a new ZSE18. I installed the handler and associated the new zse18. I need to turn down the sensitivity as it’s was to high. I make the changes in the ST classic app and hit save but they don’t seem to make any difference. Looking at the devices main screen shows 6 changes pending. I have let it sit for a few hours and it’s not made any difference. Any thoughts on what to do to fix this? Thanks.

did you press the button on the back to wake it up?

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ugh missed that in the instructions. I figured if I made some motion in front of it and hit the sync button in the device it would take care of it :frowning: I just got on a ladder and tried the button but it still did not sync. So I figured I would just pop the battery out and put it back in and it synced right away after that. Thank you for the help Jimmy!

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It should have synced on it’s own after 12 hours, but replacing the batteries will also work. Manually waking it up should have also worked, but if you have live logging open while you press the button you’ll be able to see if the device actually woke up.

I have the custom device handler 1.2 installed and my app still shows the battery at 1% and gets complaints. it is NOT USB powered so I do want to know when it is running out.

If the battery value didn’t update when putting in the batteries then it should have the next time it woke up which would have been within 24 hours.

The method of inclusion determines if it’s considered a powered device so what method did you use?

Hi Kevin, it seems you are the king of DTHs in the IOT world !.. Does your DTH for Zoos ZSE18 handle “sleep time”? the time the sensor does not check anything to save battery ? In the screenshots I saw something could be (“Motion Cleared Delay”) but I want to be sure. My Question is because Im looking a sensor for indoor stairs light automation and sometimes could be high traffic, I do not care about change battery every 6 months but light on the stairs with high frequency motion and do not have to wait 4 minutes to get it. Thanks !

The wake up interval is set to 4 hours. You could change that 4 to a higher number in the code, but it would have very little impact on the battery life.

The clear delay setting determines how long after the last motion event it waits before sending the no motion event, but that timer resets every time motion is detected so if you keep moving in front of the it won’t report motion until the specified delay time after you stop.

What I just said isn’t entirely true because of the device’s blind time which is the window after the initial motion event where you can move in front of it without resetting the timer mentioned above.

I think this device’s blind time is about 7 seconds and you can’t change it, but I’ve only seen a few motion sensors that allow you to.

The 3rd type of motion setting is the re-trigger time which is related to duplicate motion reports and it must be greater than the blind time and usually less than the clear time.

Example with motion clear time set to 30 seconds and re-trigger time set to 15 seconds:

You walk in front of the sensor and it sends motion active report, 12 seconds later you walk in front of it again and it won’t send a report, but if you walk in front of it again 5 seconds later it will send another motion active event.

That doesn’t apply to sensors that don’t send duplicate motion reports and I think the ZSE1i is one of those and ST ignores duplicate events so unless the handler is forcing state changes you can’t do anything with the duplicate reports anyways.

I’m sure that’s way more info then you needed, but did I end up answering your question?

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Thanks my friend. Im not understanding at 100% but I think I got the basics. If I want to get a good performance, I can set Motion Cleared Delay setting for example at 10 or 15 seconds (more than blind time), that means if the sensor detects motion, can trigger the stairs light on (b.e. 15 seconds, then light switches off), then sensor will check again after 10-15 seconds, if there is no motion, then it will report no motion event and wait until next motion.

I think if sensor can check every 10-30 seconds it will be very functional (not the 4 minutes ADT/ST sensors used to sleep) …

Did I get it ?!?! Thanks !

Ups !!..seems this sensor is out of stock everywhere…haha…do you have someone ?

I don’t know why I felt the need to explain everything about motion sensors since most of those things don’t actually apply to this device…

The short version is that if you plan on setting up automations that turn the hallway light on when it reports active and off when it reports inactive then that setting determines how long the light stays on for.

It looks like The Smartest House has them in stock again.

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There’s a driver available for the ZSE18 on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.