[RELEASE] Zooz Universal Relay (ZEN17)

This is a device handler for the Zooz Universal Relay (ZEN17).


  • Supports all of the device’s configuration parameters

  • Main device is a switch that controls the relays together.

  • Creates a child switch for each relay

  • When the “Input Trigger” is disabled for a Relay the input and relay act as separate devices.

  • Creates a child device for the relay’s input when its “Input Type” setting is set to Water Sensor, Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor, Smoke Detector, or On/Off Report.
    The device ignores the “Input Trigger” setting for Momentary, Toggle, and Garage Door so those input types will not create a child device.

  • Warning: The input’s child device gets deleted when the Input Type setting is changed.

  • The manual says to exclude the device and join it again after changing the Input Type settings, but that’s not necessary with this handler. The only catch is that if you don’t do that then the child device it creates won’t get assigned to a room.



I am among the many who are grateful for this work! After fumbling around for a while trying to disengage the relays from the inputs I came back to this post and read the bullets in this post. The nice surprise was that after setting both input types to “Water sensor”, the two new devices did actually get created in the same room as the rest.

Thank you!

If you removed the device after changing those settings then that’s the expected behavior, but if not then ST must have fixed that bug.