Zooz ZEN77 - Not seeing the toggle up x2, x3, x4 options

I have the edge driver installed as per the instructions here - [RELEASE] Zooz ZEN77 700 S2 Dimmer - #22 by adrian97c

I see the driver is selected in the smartthings app. In the settings there are a couple options for single tap up/down and double tap up/down, but I don’t see all the fancy features my ZEN34 remote switches have available to them.

Am I doing something wrong or does the edge driver not support these features yet?

Using a smartthings V3 hub

Which driver does it say the Zen34 is using?

I don’t believe the stock driver has the multitap but if you use the Zen34 driver from Zooz it does.

I did not install the zen34 edge driver before adding the switch to the network. It does not have a driver option when viewing the item in smartthings. I did add the zen34 edge driver today and used it for a new remote. All the options look exactly the same.

Can you post a screen shot of the device details and driver?

This is what mine looks like

What you have there matches what I have on my zen34. I expected the same to be on the zen77. In the driver settings it has an option to enable scene controls and the user manual says that enables multitap functions on select hubs only, but it does not say what the select hubs are. When I enable the scene controls in the settings nothing changes.

I have a ZEN72 right next to it and the smartthings app shows the same configs (just with a different product listed at the bottom of the settings page). I wanted to see if both worked with the LED strip I bought and they both do.

Just a note, I can live without the ZEN77 and ZEN72 not having these options, but I expected them to work. I have a ZEN71 that I was planning on putting right next to my front door. That is the one that will be a 100% requirement to work or it gets returned. It looks to be the same driver so I expect them to work the same, but I guess we’ll see.

It’s near the top under settings “Scene Control” the default setting is disabled, so once you enable it you will see them.

That’s already enabled.

My previous post shows so in the screenshot.

Create an automation and they should be available in the choices


That does it! I didn’t expect it to be hidden away so well.

The ZEN71 is the same way (for future reference). I gotta return mine though. It’s humming :frowning:

edit: it’s the LED… Turn that off and the hum goes away. :weary: