[RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug

There’s a driver available for the ZEN15 and ZEN06 on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.

Most of the information below is for the old Groovy Handler which will stop working soon.


Hi @krlaframboise, do you have a github repo for all your stuff like the ZEN15?

I found it at:

Installed and awaiting my two ZEN15s due to arrive tomorrow.


LOL, you were faster than me! I found it as well and was going to post back here. Thanks for the quick reply.


It looks like you’re all set with the ST integration, but a full list of the DTHs I’ve created and their descriptions can be found here.


Thanks Kevin.

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Received/installed two ZEN15s (for dryer and washer) over the weekend, and Kevin’s DTH works fine. I had to tweak my existing Laundry Notification webCoRE piston to use the new ZEN15 attributes, but that was a minor modification. I did have to enable the reporting intervals for power (default 30 sec.), current (30 sec), voltage (1 min.), and energy (default 5 min.) to receive any data for the piston to work, though.

Thanx again, @krlaframboise, for all your DTHs :smile: (Aeon Labs Siren and my “cuckoo” clock webCoRE piston for the Aeotec Doorbell work great) …


These are really nice devices, and the DTH listed in this thread works great. I’d recommend this device to anyone looking for a switch like this.

The only thing I wish this device changed in terms of design would be the wall plug. It needs to be offset 45 degrees to allow something - like another Zooz ZEN15 - to be plugged in the other socket on the outlet. The Aeon device had a wall plug that was offset, and I could easily plug in 2 in 1 wall outlet.


I wonder if they did as you suggest? On Amazon, the pictures show the cord hanging straight down, but the photos of the prongs show an offset arrangement. I’ll know when mine arrives.

If they did and I got some earlier version, I’ll send mine back for a replacement. All 5 that I got in today point straight down and all shipped from @TheSmartestHouse.

Here’s what I got and it’s what’s on The Smartest House’s website:

Yeah but which one is the new one? IDK. Mine won’t be here for a week or two. On the Amazon page where I bought mine, they show the same straight cord picture right next to this angled plug shot.

Amazon is where I got 4 out of the 5. I was able to use Amazon points for 4 of them, and the 5th I bought from Smartest House’s site to get the Labor Day discount. All 5 shipped from the same location.they have in NJ according to the packing slips. Even though I placed all the orders on September 1st, and Amazon and Smartest House said I’d get it between the 11th and 15th, I got them all today via USPS.

Let us know what yours look like when they arrive because I could really use the offset plug.

I’ll post an image for sure.

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I went to the Zooz site just now and this product isn’t even listed as current or discontinued FWIW. They show this thing now which is very different. Just mentioning it.http://getzooz.com/zooz-zen06-smart-plug.html

Both mine, purchased direct from thesmartesthouse are straight down, no offset.

I agree, it’s a short-sighted design. I have some Belkin power strips where the right angle plug is actually swivel allowing you to position them optimally. It’s a cost thing I guess although the Belkin’s were not expensive.

And from the same page …

The ZEN06 has been around for a while. The Zooz Power Switch has only been on the market for a couple of weeks so they probably haven’t had a chance to put it on their website yet.


Overall I like this device. The only thing I need to deal with is my microwave keeps tripping it. The same microwave didn’t have an issue with the Aeon switch, which was similarly rated to the Zooz.

The microwave is rated at below specs of the switch I believe, but im not home to check right now.

Does it trip immediately or after running a while?

After a few seconds.