[RELEASE] Zooz ZEN71 700 Switch

@TheSmartestHouse Any plans on fixing the triple tap? It’s absence threw a wrench in my project. Just seems kind of backwards that it disappeared in the 4.0 firmware, why not reassign the inclusion tap sequence to 5 taps?

Is it that the triple-tap inclusion/exclusion is hard-coded in a way that firmware won’t fix it, or will that be on the horizon?

The device supports it, but I didn’t include it in the handler because triple click puts it into exclusion mode which can cause delays and failures with other z-wave devices for 20+ seconds.

That being said, I think it’s still creating those events and SmartThings just broke the filter in Automations so at the moment you should be able to use 3x in the “If” sections of Automations…

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Thanks… I was thinking that might be the case. I’ll play with the one that I’ve opened and see how it goes. They’re ZEN21’s, but looks like the issue exists in most of the 4.0 firmware switches.

Just to clarify, I’ve written handlers for all the Zooz devices and none of their firmware skip pushed 3x.

SmartThings made a change to the built-in presentations before they made that breaking change in Automations and the old devices don’t have custom presentations which is why those handlers are hiding 3x as I intended.

If you search those handlers for “supportedButtonValues” you should find a list of actions and adding the two for “_3x” will fix you’re problem.

After making that change you need to re-join the device. If you also remove the if statement wrapping that section of code then it would update that value the next time you change any setting and you wouldn’t need to rejoin the device.

I understand for the most part.

I don’t understand how this is only a ST issue if triple tap causes the v4.0 switches to go into pairing or exclusion mode. Wouldn’t this be the case regardless of the hub platform? If this isn’t the case, I must be missing something obvious.

The main reason I looked at the Zooz switches was the often advertised multi-tap scene control, and the documentation includes the 3-tap as an option, although I understand stuff happens, I can’t imagine a switch was designed to have a button sequence do two different things simultaneously, where one of the two might break the network.

But again, I might be missing something obvious, and it wouldn’t be unusual for me to do so.

I thought I read something similar in the HE forums when I was searching the topic, but it might be another issue.

Anyway, I ain’t mad at nobody, just wondering who needs to fix something for these switches to triple-tap. I have to imagine there are others who have or soon will discover the same issue and be sad. Honestly, “double-tap”, “four-tap”, but you better not “triple-tap”!! That ain’t right, someone would be better off saying not to install the DH.

But other than that, I’m experimenting only on a Zigbee LED dimmer but hoping someone fixes whatever it is, so I don’t have to worry about a return window for the switches.

The people at Zooz support seem to be great.

Out of curiosity, do the battery powered remote paddles have the same problem with Smartthings?

I don’t think so because they use 6 taps to include/exclude.

Now that makes sense! I somehow missed those when I ordered the ZEN21’s.

Pretty cool, those ZEN34’s

The 6 old switch/dimmers and the 4 new ones have always used 3x for pairing because that was a common process, but even though it goes into pairing mode you can still use 3x to trigger automations.

The issue that’s only impacting ST is that I didn’t include 3x in the supported actions list of my handlers for the old models so it’s not possible to use 3x in Automations for the old models without modifying my handler.

If I originally included 3x in the supported list and you don’t have many z-wave devices communicating while it’s in exclusion mode then you probably wouldn’t have had any issues and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I just noticed that I included 3x in the handlers for the new models and considering the pairing mode thing won’t have a large impact on all users I’m going to add it to the old handlers so that users have the option to use it if they want to.

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate the insight.

So, the pairing mode (triple up) doesn’t pose much risk of impacting anything, I’m gathering, while exclusion (triple down), has some moderate potential for a negative impact.

Seems to be the nature of “smart devices” to have some kind of trade-off, and the more people know what they are, the better, IMO.

I’d be more shocked if these devices were perfect, and some might actually be.

So, that brings us back to my original question, of whether the pairing/exclusion initiation sequence is changeable via firmware updates? Not that many would opt to go through the manual process to do so, but I’m left curious just the same.

That’s actually very common for scene control / multi-tap on light switches. Single tap can be used as a central scene trigger and also as an on/off command. Double tap on dimmers can be used for “go to full brightness” and as a central scene trigger. That being said, as the multi-tap triggers become a more popular use case, the switches will become more intuitive to use in this manner.

Yes, this can be updated through an over-the-air firmware update. We hope to introduce one for Zooz switches that will allow users to disable any “menu” functionality for the paddles (like inclusion / exclusion or LED indicator mode change through a button/paddle sequence). If you’d like to be notified once the firmware is released, please reach out to our support.

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Well, I know the multi-tap feature is sought-after, and is why I chose the Zooz switches. I have looked back across the ST and HE forums and saw that there were a few different pairing/exclusion sequences for the Zen switches, one being reported as 6-7 up clicks, and more recently up-down-up, or up-up-up. Pairing issues, apparently were related to the platforms rather than the Zooz switches, usually being remedied by doing the pairing/exclusion via Z-wave usb stick.

As far as the present up or down x 3 to initiate pairing/exclusion, it just seems counterintuitive to have the overlap, but I’m sure the reasons are more complex that I imagine, uniformity… documentation changes etc…

Oh, customer support from you guys has been very responsive, and have gone beyond what I would have expected. Presently offering to loan a USB stick to do perform a firmware update of the ZEN21’s to 4.03, although I’m not sure what changes are in there, and if it will help with this particular issue.

I’m leaning toward waiting on and buying your 700 series z-wave stick when back in stock, reportedly this week, rather than do the loaner. I need one anyway, and the price is right.

I feel like the proactive actions to further perfect your products is enough for me believe the resolution is on the horizon, and I’m not very concerned about the need to return anything.

Thanks to all your fine support folk, and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.


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Triple tap up doesn’t start inclusion if the device is already joined so it’s only triple tap down that’s an issue, but it’s really only an issue for other automations using z-wave devices that execute while it’s in exclusion mode.

I just posted a new version of all 9 DTHs. The old models now support 3x pushed and Automations should now only show the button actions that are supported by the device.

The up/down 3x actions should be available immediately, but everything else is cached so if you already have devices joined with the old version of the DTH then it might take a really long time to see the changes…

I was thinking that was the case. I’m just gonna avoid the triple tap down.

Hopefully the exclusion won’t be an issue sometime in the near future. The ability to disable it sounds like a really good idea.

If things go as well as I’m hoping, with the ST rules etc… I won’t need half the available tapping options anyway, but those triples are prime real estate for my wants/needs.

Thanks for the info and the update. Keep up the good work!

My DTH is creating the “released” events, but ST doesn’t support them so if that’s something you’re interested in using then you’ll need to use a custom SmartApp like WebCoRE.

I was wondering about that, it’ll be useful. I’m basically doing CCT and dimming with LED strips. Was trying to avoid WebCoRE to cut down on some latency, but I have essentially that setup with WebCoRE in a few rooms using Ecosmart CCT bulbs and remotes. It’s just a little too wonky for the wife and guests. I’ll end up trying it with these switches, anyway. It might be an improvement.

Still hoping for some seamless dimming and color temp changes to run natively on ST one day, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.

At the moment the Zen21 setup is on/off, holds for full and nightlight… up multi-taps for brightness levels, down multi-taps for color temps. Not ideal, but works pretty well.

I just know that one day everything will “just work” perfectly… hahah

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I noticed setting the LED color/brightiness/mode is available in the settings for the ZEN71, but it’s not available in routines. This can be done for the ZEN32. Is this supported for the ZEN71? As in, can I just copy-pasta the code from the 32 handler into the 71 handler?

Yes, I know Edge drivers are coming and Groovy DHs are going away, but Zooz doesn’t have them out yet, so I’d like to do this in the meantime. Thanks!

The short answer is no because even though the code could be copied and pasted with some tweaks, additional code would need to be added to prevent things from changing back every time you touch the settings and you’d also need to use the CLI to create a new presentation in order to display the new tile on the dashboard and in automations.

Heh, I’m actually half-way there on seeing this fail… Trying to get the CLI to give me the view for the ZEN32 and it’s failing with status code 500. If you don’t mind pushing me in the right direction on a dying ecosystem, I don’t mind flailing around. I’m using the command below:

smartthings presentation:device-config:generate 9dc0b4b5-d711-3bc5-b684-59dec4c9bc19 --dth -o=zen32Controller.json -j

The command you’re using is correct if you’re trying to generate the device-config from the ID of a DTH you have installed in the IDE, but if you’re trying to generate it from an existing vid/presentation id then you need to use:

smartthings presentation:device-config 9dc0b4b5-d711-3bc5-b684-59dec4c9bc19 -o=zen32Controller.json -j

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There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZEN71 On/Off Switch on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.