[RELEASE] Zooz Q Sensor (ZSE11)

This is a device handler for the Zooz Q Sensor (ZSE11).


  • Motion Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Illuminance Sensor

  • Humidity Sensor

  • Tamper Alert

  • Power Source

  • Battery


Power Source: DC vs Battery

The type of power source used while joining the device determines the type of device it’s joined as and it can’t be changed afterwards.

When the device is joined as a powered device it won’t report the battery level or go to sleep so if you try powering it by batteries they’ll probably die within a day.

When the device is joined as a battery device you can still power it by USB, but it behaves like a battery device so you have to manually wake the device up if you make changes to the settings.



I’ve noticed that motion reporting sometimes stops working after changing settings and/or manually waking the device up, but if you point it away from you for a few minutes it should start working again.





Device Handler Code


Ordered one just now, thanks Kevin.

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Just bought 2x as well. Very nice!

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Just got mine! Installed no problem, used the driver above.

HOWEVER – the reported temperature is approx 5 degrees below actual! Is there a way to calibrate or adjust an “offset”?

I second the request for temperature correction, it really should be baked in day 1. I have two I am testing out, but have hopes to use them as wired high-polling-rate temperature sensors for my thermostat if everything works how I want it.

The device doesn’t support offsets, but I’ll add settings to the handler and manually implement that feature this weekend.

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I just posted a new version that has offset settings for temperature, humidity, and light. Let me know if it works as expected.

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It worked. Thanks!

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