[RELEASE] Zooz ZSE41 XS Open | Close Sensor

There’s a driver available for this device on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.

Most of the information below is for the old Groovy Handler which will stop working on 9/30/2022.

This is a device handler for the Zooz ZSE41 XS Open | Close Sensor.


  • Contact Sensor

  • Battery

  • Supports all configuration parameters


If any brave advanced users have the ZSE41 and are interested in testing a locally executing Edge Driver for it let me know and I’ll send you the invitation to my Zooz Channel…


I would be interested in doing some testing for you. Thanks

I’ll PM you the invitation link (and disclaimers)

Anyone know when these are gonna be back in stock? I need one due to the size and waterproof case option, but can’t find any for sale.

@TheSmartestHouse might be able to answer that…

We should be getting more within a week!


I would love an invite to your channel to test some Zooz products as I am unfiying my home with all Zooz products. I have multiple ZSE41 and 42 that I’d love to test.

I also have ZSE11, ZEN34, ZEN77, and so on.

I’ve sent you an invite, but I think the ZSE41 is the only one I have a driver for at the moment.

I installed your drivers for the ZSE41 and ZSE42 last night, it went flawlessly and they loaded correctly 1st try. I waited an hour for them to sync, they didn’t, so 4 button press and immediate sync.

Showed up in IDE as placeholders and cloud, but as your drivers, so working fine so far.

I might be ordering some ZEN30 also just waiting to hear from the smartesthouse, so will test those also.

Thanks for the invite,

Would you be willing to send me a link to your edge channel for the Zse41, I need to reconnect one of them so I thought it would be a good time to try the edge driver


There’s a driver available for the Zooz ZSE41 XS Open Close Sensor on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.