[RELEASE] Zooz ZEN71 700 Switch

This is a DTH for the Zooz ZEN71 700 Switch


  • Switch

  • Supported Button Actions: down, down_hold, down_2x, down_4x, down_5x, up, up_hold, up_2x, up_4x, up_5x

  • Supports all Configuration Parameters

  • Association Group 2 for controlling other switches (minimum firmware 1.03)



If you add a device’s Device Network ID to this device’s Group 2 Association setting and then remove that device from SmartThings, you MUST come back and remove it from that setting. Failing to do that will substantially increase the number of z-wave messages being sent by this device and could affect the stability of your z-wave mesh.


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what’s the difference between the ZEN71 and ZEN76?

Same difference as the ZEN21 and ZEN26 which has something to do with 3-way wiring…

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ah, ok i see.

I believe there are also some load differences. They use different styles of relays I think.

I think you’re right, but @TheSmartestHouse can provide a detailed explanation…

There is support article with details on this: ZEN21 VER. 2.0 VS ZEN26: What’s the Difference