Help with moving devices over

I have not been posting for sometime but have been always checking in. Nothing for me has changwd over to the edgw driver & im atill waiting on rboy for my door lock. Could anyone guide mw to how to manualy change over a device. I would like to start & i have nothing complicated figuring time to start somewhere.

  • First you need to subscribe to the ST Beat Edge channel and enroll the device(s) Edge Driver you want to load on your hub. Or subscribe to Community Developer’s channels. You may need to check if your device fingerprints are currently supported by ST’s Edge Drivers.
  • you need to uninstall the device.
  • you will need to remove any custom device handlers in IDE for that device if you are using one.
  • add the device back by choosing Add Device > Scan. No need to choose by brand.
  • recreate any Routines or scenes.

That is the short version, there may be more involved, depending on the device…. Start with something that you know should work.

Current list of Edge Drivers

Thanks @jkp also i have a zooz motikn sensor & aeotech mition sensor & siren… i read something thay i need to.sign up with their channel to update? I know with my rimg its cloud & i dont need to do anything. Btw… i forgot to aak about sengled light strip i have… i have not seen anythjng about a sengled creating edge drivers for their.device.

For Zooz, you can sign up for an edge Driver from one of the community developers:

For Aeotec and Sengled:

But you can always go through the link I posted earlier about the ST Edge drivers and scan through it. Always best to start there and if they are not there or you need additional features then look at community developed edge drivers.

@jkp i didnt start moving anything over yet but had sone more questions i wanted to throw at you if you didnt mind.

I have a smart lock with & i use rboys dth & smart app lum. I have nursing for my daughter so i have codes setup for them plus what time they arrive i get a notification. I know rboy has been queit & nothing has been updated on his website so if i do nothing then does everything stop working dec 31? If so what are my other options? Out of everything this is the most important thing i need working.

I believe i read that i can have one edge driver, say for open/close sensor & i only need the one driver for multiple open/close sensors. My version 2 hub has some edge drivers on it but im not sure what they are for?

That depends if that is a firm date from ST or one where it is subject to change. Right now, it looks like both groovy custom device handlers and smartapps will cease. You can watch the first post in the following thread as they have been updating the dates there as needed: The end of Groovy has arrived

Another user posted a message from Maddie so I will let you look at it and follow their recommendations: [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Yes, you only install one Edge Driver for multiple devices of the same capability unless you need specific configurations that only a community created Edge Driver might offer at this time.

For the Edge Drivers on your v2 hub, are those ones that you installed or ones installed by the automatic migration. It can be slightly difficult keeping track of subscribed channels and drivers with some of the community developed drivers in the ST app (IMO). I can’t comment on CLI.

So i read what maddie posted & im not worried about adding new so i am thinking as long as i add slga eveytthing shouldwork.

I didnt add anything to the.hub, its what samsung added. I think i only have 2 devices thatcwere migrtaed to edge. One of the devices inhave was the lowes iris plug, which now has an edge driver but my samsung smart plug didnt migrate over. So i would like to add that driver samsung plug.

@jkp i already have installed slga on my hub… very strange since i didnt do it.

ST mostly likely has migrated some of your devices

Its only a few… not even a handfull.

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