[RELEASE] Zooz ZEN77 700 S2 Dimmer

This is a DTH for the Zooz ZEN77 700 S2 Dimmer


  • Switch

  • Dimmer

  • Supported Button Actions: down, down_hold, down_2x, down_3x, down_4x, down_5x, up, up_hold, up_2x, up_3x, up_4x, up_5x

  • Supports all Configuration Parameters

  • Association Group 2 for controlling other dimmers (minimum firmware 1.03)



If you add a device’s Device Network ID to this device’s Group 2 Association setting and then remove that device from SmartThings, you MUST come back and remove it from that setting. Failing to do that will substantially increase the number of z-wave messages being sent by this device and could affect the stability of your z-wave mesh.



Hello, I just installed one of these ZEN77 Dimmers, purchased from The Smartest House and installed this DTH. For me it does not function correctly, it does not report the correct state of the light and it comes back with a network error when trying to change the state from the new app. I changed the DTH to the ZEN 27 type and it all works, however the parameters and the settings are quite different. Would anyone have any suggestions? My ST Hub is a V3. I’ll also reach out to the retailer for their assistance as well.

Thank you all…

Post a screenshot of the device details screen in the IDE. Make sure it includes the Raw Description field.

Thanks for responding so quickly. Here it is…


It looks like the reporting behavior of the 1.2 firmware isn’t the same as the version I have so replace line 338 with the line below and let me know if that solves the problem.

return delayBetween([ switchMultilevelSetCmd(levelVal, durationVal), switchMultilevelGetCmd() ], 200)

Yes sir, made that change and it works better but still quite flakey! Turn it on and dimmer level shows 19%, light is full on. Change dimmer level to 100%, it jumps to 40% by itself, light output doesn’t change. Still get that network error about half the time. Very odd behavior for certain…


Here is a quick snip of the logging screen. Dimmer started out off, I turned it on with the app, then simply turned it back off. Light went full on, then off. Got the “network error” when turning off, so app now shows light on, but it’s not.

This log looks quite different from the one generated by the ZEN27 which looks like this for the same sequence:


That’s not my ZEN27 handler because mine doesn’t log like that and mine would have the same problem as my ZEN77 handler.

The change you made forces it to request the reports, but the value being reported is wrong because the device is still transitioning so changing that 200 on line 338 to 2000 should solve it. The other option is to replace durationVal on that line with 0 which will make it turn on/off instantly.

The device is supposed to automatically send a report when the device is turned on/off physically or digitally, but your device isn’t so that must have been a change they made in the 1.3 firmware.

If I had known the 1.2 firmware behaved like that I wouldn’t have implemented the on/off commands the way I did.

If I PM you a new version that fixes the issue for the 1.2 firmware, can you try it and let me know if it solves the problem so I can release it?

My apologies, I should have looked to see who the developer was for the ZEN27 handler before I sent that comparison.

I’m out of town until tomorrow evening, but I will give it a go then and let you know.

Thanks again for the assistance!


I can give it try tomorrow evening. Thank you Kevin!

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So I gave this a try this morning and behavior is somewhat improved. About half the time it seems to function, the other half of the time it seems to exhibit the same behavior as the original version. It will come back with a network error and some erroneous random value for the dimmer setting.
The folks at the Smartest House offered to send a Z-wave stick and the 1.3 firmware, so maybe that is the more stable answer?

If you saw the previous post, just ignore it, I thought this was a different topic.

The firmware would fix it, but you won’t be the only one with this problem and I have no way of testing it so if it’s OK with you I’d like to keep working with you in that PM to try and try to fix the handler.

No problem at all and I missed that post, so no issues, you had deleted it prior to me coming back.