Edge driver "description" is available for easier driver management!

Its still undocumented but it looks like config.yml supports a “description” field which is displayed on the driver list summary when installing and on the mobile app in various places. Helps make finding a driver easier. I recommend the developers start adding the field to their drivers when they can.


Documentation doesn’t yet describe the “description” field but it’s functional:


Hi @csstup

Good to know, thanks

If it affects many devices I don’t know if it will help much.
Perhaps it would be better to write a link to a list of devices or to the fingerprints.yml file on a guthub host, for example

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I have added in the description the link to the fingerprints.yml so user can see the supported devices.
In the app you can not copy to paste in the browser, but opening the channel in the hub then can copy and navigate to the file

i think it will help
I’ll be adding it to all my drivers and so I force myself to have it updated, hahahaha… :wink: