Zooz zen 16 driver

I’ve managed to get the Zen 16 connected to my V3 hub, but it shows as a “z-wave device multichannel”. The directions on setting this device up for garage door openers was pretty clear with ide, but I’m not sure what I’m doing with edge. I did load a zooz multichannel switch driver, but the “z-wave device multichannel” does not give me the option to change the driver. Any suggestions?

I don’t believe an Edge Driver is currently available so it probably pair with a Device Handlers (DTH).

I believe @krlaframboise is working on a driver.

Zooz is creating custom edge drivers for most of their devices. See the following thread.

[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

That’s actually the driver that I’ve already installed. Looks like they’re working on the 16. My biggest issue tho is that the device doesn’t show the driver option at all, so If I did have the driver, would I even be able to use it?

The app won’t show “driver“ as an option until there is a driver already downloaded on your hub with the matching fingerprint. So once you have the driver on your hub, then you will see the driver option for that device in the app.

It sounds like you subscribed to the channel, but since they haven’t added that driver to the channel yet, it’s not available to download to your hub. So it doesn’t show up in the app yet.

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I don’t have the latest version of the ZEN16 yet which has some new features so I’m focusing on some other drivers first.

I’m hoping to have the driver ready before 9/30, but the child devices created by the Groovy DTH aren’t component which is required for Drivers so the automatic migration will most likely break all your automations either way…

Luckily, I haven’t even started using it yet so I don’t have to worry about the automations😁. Thanks for your work on this!

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Is this driver ready? I installed the one for ZEN16, I can’t get the hub to see the device, I’ve removed and I’m trying to re-add it with scan or by manufacturer, the first option never finds it and the second is stuck at “preparing” forever. I have the preparing forever issue with any device I try to add that way, so I’m not surprised. I asked Samsung support to look at the preparing forever issue. They blew me off.

Driver should be fully functional and you’re the first user to report this problem.

Try factory resetting the device and restarting the hub.