[OBSOLETE] Simple Device Viewer

I won’t be porting this SmartApp so it will stop working when the Groovy platform is retired.

Allows you to easily see a list of information about your devices like battery percentages, temperatures, how long since last event, switch state, etc.

Receive Push and/or SMS notifications based on temperature, battery level, and/or time since last event.

New Dashboard Feature allows you to view all your device information using any web browser. See the Version 2.0 Release Notes for more information.

It can automatically poll the devices at a specified interval.

Turn Off All Lights and/or Switches with a push of a button.

The first time you open the application, I recommend hitting Done as soon as you see the Setup screen because if you back out of the app instead of hitting Done, the app won’t install and you’ll have to reconfigure everything.

The Setup screen allows you to choose all of the devices you want to see information for. Regardless of which input you use to select the device, that device will appear on all the screens for the capabilities it supports. There is no need to select a device more than once.

The “Display Which Capabilities?” setting determines which capabilities will be listed on the main screen and used in the “All Devices - States” screen.

Mobile App Screenshots









Web Dashboard Screenshots


Well done! I just installed a bunch of the Iris contact sensors, so was looking for a way to compare all of their temperatures. This fits the bill perfectly. Thanks!

I just released a new version with these new features:

  • Switches can be toggled on/off from the Switches screen.

  • Added “Turn Off All Switches” as the first link on the Switches screen and tapping it will turn off all the switches on that screen. You should be able to use this feature after a power outage to turn off all the Smart Bulbs that are on, but SmartThings shows as off.

(See Top Post for Latest Version)

Great start! Eagerly awaiting Push Notifications as I am currently using 2 seperate apps that don’t have GitHub integration for Battery Monitoring and Device Monitoring. Would rather combine it into one app.

[quote=“Mbhforum, post:4, topic:42481”]
Eagerly awaiting Push Notifications
[/quote]That will be in the next version which I’m hoping to release by Monday.

This is what I’m planning, but let me know if you were expecting it to work differently:

General Notifications Preferences:

  • Push yes/no?

  • Enter phone number for SMS:

  • Minimum time, in minutes, between notifications:
    (Example: If you have 3 devices with a low battery, setting this value to something other than 0 will spread the notifications out instead of sending all 3 notifications at the same time)

  • Only send notifications while in these modes?

Battery Notifications:

  • Notify when battery drops below:

  • Send repeat notification for device every how many hours:
    (empty or 0 for no repeat notifications)

Last Event Notifications:

  • Notify when last event was more than: (enter number)

  • Last event unit of time:

  • Send repeat notification for device every how many hours:
    (empty or 0 for no repeat notifications)

  • Send notification when device last event is no longer below threshold?

Temperature Notifications:

  • Notify when temperature goes above:

  • Notify when temperature goes below:

  • Send repeat notification for device every how many hours:
    (empty or 0 for no repeat notifications)

Scheduling (Optional):

  • Select Momentary button that gets pressed at regular intervals:
    (If you have a device handler in place that supports the Momentary Button capability and it automatically pushes the button at a regular interval, the application will use that as a scheduler instead of SmartThing’s.)

I added this field for my personal benefit because I got sick of my schedules stopping all the time and this is my workaround which is based on this post by @bravenel.

I created a Device Handler that uses an Arduino Uno with the Thingshield to reliable push a Momentary Button every minute. Subscribing to this DH’s momentary button event allows me to run things on a reliable schedule and one of my other SmartApps that uses this method of scheduling hasn’t stopped or skipped a run in over 1 month.

Mine originally didn’t work, but @dperschonok was able to figure out the problem and after restructuring my repository, it now works the way it’s supposed to.

This is great app… thank you.

How did you get GitHub intergration to work?

It’s not SmartThingsPublic… Its just SmartThings

I think you have to use Owner: krlaframboise, Name: SmartThings, and Branch: Master. Once you’ve set that up in the settings, when you click Update from repo, you should be able to choose the SmartApp from the New(only in GitHub) box.

See this post and a couple of the posts after it for additional information.

This is correct and how I set it up. It works perfect, although my recommendation is to name your repository after your app, because everyone is naming their repositories “Smartthings” or “SmartthingsPublic” and the IDE GUI does a poor job of displaying what you would like to update.


I think this is good. My only recommendation is to allow different push notifications for different Last Event times. For example, some of my devices I should see activity every day such as my garage door, etc. Others like my storage room door, I might not open that door for a week.

This is a great app! Thank you!

Are you taking feature request? I hope so.

On each screen is it possible to add a background color to the status?

Such as closed contact sensors are green and open are red?

Things like that?



I like getting feature requests because it means that people are actually using the app. That being said, I also want to keep this SmartApp simple to setup and use. It’s better to use a SmartApp like Rule Machine to handle the things requiring logic.

I like this idea, but I’m not sure if it’s possible which is why I used “*” to highlight the different state. It looks like some of the documentation has recently been updated so after I’ve added the notification feature I’ll take another look and see if there’s something I missed.

[quote=“Mbhforum, post:10, topic:42481”]
My only recommendation is to allow different push notifications for different Last Event times.
[/quote]I like the idea and I also have devices like that so if I can figure out a simple way to implement it I will, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The next version will have a name field so you should be able to install it more than once and be able to tell the instances apart. If I don’t end up adding this feature, you could have one instance setup to view the devices and 2 other instances to handle the different notifications.

I know that’s not a great solution, but it should provide you the functionality you’re looking for.

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I have Cree connected bulbs… no category for them… they are not switches… just lights. Can you add that functionality in?

Many Thanks : )

Light isn’t a capability, but I also have Cree bulbs and I just tested that with the Cree Bulb Device Type, the lights can be selected using either the Actuators or Switches inputs.

I just changed mine to the Cree Bulb Device type to confirm this, but I usually use the “SmartPower Dimming Outlet” with my Cree Bulbs because I found the Cree Bulb device type buggy and it doesn’t run locally.

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Thank you… I can access via Switches which is fine… just didn’t expect a bulb under switches. Much appreciated.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do background colors, but I’ve figured out how to display different icons. The next version will allow you to set thresholds for notifications, but the thresholds will also be used for the icons.

For example, on the Temperature Measurements screen, each row will have a thermometer icon and it will either be blue, green, or red depending on the specified low and high thresholds. On the Batteries screen, a low battery icon will be displayed for the items with a battery level less than the specified threshold. On the Last Events screen, a warning icon will be displayed for the items that haven’t had an event within the specified last event time threshold.

The icons take up a lot of space because ST adds a lot of space to the right of them so I’m going to add a setting that allows you to turn them off. If the icons don’t cause any problems in the next version, I’ll add icons for the contact, presence, and motion sensors in the following version.

Since the items listed on the Switches screen are links that toggle the switches, I don’t believe I’ll be able to display icons for them. I’m also pretty sure I won’t be able to add icons to the All Devices screen either.

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Thanks for creating this super helpful tool.
It works on the Android and iPhone but is just a blank screen on my primary Windows Phone.

I just released version 1.3 which has some new features, but not the notifications that I know some people are waiting for.

I hope to release another version late tomorrow that will be able to monitor the devices and send notifications.

These are the new features in version 1.3:

The Temperature Measurement, Batteries, and Last Events screens can be sorted by value instead of device name. Those screens also display icons based on the Threshold settings, but if you don’t like that feature, you can disable it from the “other settings” section.

Other Settings section

  • Change app instance name
  • Enable/Disable new icon feature
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Last Event Time
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Temperature
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Battery %

Setup Thresholds

  • Battery
  • Temperature Low/High
  • Last Event

The new Thresholds section is currently used to determine the icons, but it will also be the notification trigger in the next version.

See the first post in this topic for the latest version

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No error on the Live Logging in the IDE. Just a blank screen on the Windows phone and I need to tap back button to get out of the app.
Is ok. I understand without the device is no way for you to test it out. Still, I appreciate your time and effort to develop this useful tool.