Low battery warning

I’ve seen several threads on here where are users talk about receiving low battery warnings. How do you set this up as it’s quite annoying to only find out about low batteries when they finally run out?

I use the community created SmartApp called Simple Device Viewer and the battery notification system in that.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

Try this app, highly customizable:

I have been having strange warnings this week. I use the @RBoy app as well but ST is doing a double wammy on warning me. Something has changed. I am in the beta firmware group but there hasn’t been any push that I know of.
Earlier this week all my ST Motion V2’s (4) warned me that my batteries were all at 67%; fair enough.
I changed them; they tested slightly below 3.0 VDC but I know these devices are sensitive and need a strong battery.
The next day I still get the warning at 67% so I modify the Low Battery rule to less than 67%.
The next day I get warnings that all 4 devices are at 33% and that’s where they sit today.
Something is afoot.

I have changed all my batteries to Sony and days after I get warnings of 33% from ST. I have one that’s down to a 1% warning already.
What gives?
Does anyone have the breakdown on VDC vs percentage of 2450 batteries for the official dth?
I can buy Panasonic but if Sony is no good seems like I’m chasing the wrong problem.

PS I measured the 1% motion and it’s down to 3.0 from a fresh one of 3.28. The batteries are dated for 2028 but I wonder if these are Amazon specials and somehow Sony seconds?