[OBSOLETE] Homeseer HS-WD200+?

@devtech8, I think I might be confused on what you’re trying to accomplish, but here is how I read it: you want to be in “status” mode all the time (no matter if the light/load of the switch is on or off) and for all LEDs to be blue. However, you’re trying to set LED #8 (which doesn’t exist) to color #1 (which is red) and “on” (no blinking) when I see “8,1,0”. Is this true? My WD-200+ only has 7 LEDs (I think). Here is the page I’m seeing those defined.

I just got my 200+ today, and wrote a piston that does exactly this. The top light will be my door indicator - different colors for different doors, including flashing red for my gate. The default color is blue, since it’s not very bright, and it matches the blue of my other smart switch (Inovelli). Different bulbs will be different indicators (windows, etc.)

Thanks. Still trying to figure how to import based on that code “847k6”. Have looked in the IDE and from the classic app, but not seeing a way to “import”. Doing this via webcore I already have installed. What am I missing?

@mebejedi - checking out your piston and am curious, since I am not seeing in your code any way that you have captured the current state attributes, how are you setting the LED’s to original state once things are back to normal per your piston?

Oh, I should have specified that this was a Webcore piston. Sorry about that.

I’ve actually updated it a little. I have two pistons so far. The top light is a door indicator. It’s blue if everything closed, and a different color depending on which door is open.

My second piston is for the 2nd light, which indicates if doors are unlocked, at which point the light flashes.

In both cases, the pistons will revert to status mode with a blue light. At some point, I will add more sensors to my windows, and that will be the third light. This switch is at my front door, so I can see the status before I leave. I’m going to put a second one in my master bedroom, so a quick look will let me know if anything’s open.

@mebejedi -I understood it was a piston. In my case, I am trying to figure out the following.

Normal operation for LED is default color blue and which LED’s are lit up are based on the default homeseer behavior with the dimmer action. whereas if light that is tied to switch if set at 40% dim, then X number of LED’s are light based on the “default” color set within the switch properties.

Then, regardless of level of lighting (i.e. 2 bottom LED’s are lit indicating approx. 35% dim) and rest of the LED’s are simply blank.

Then, if sensor 1 is open, top LED on the switch is red, then if sensor 2 is open, second to top LED is set to white, otherwise, no action to that LED unless light dim level is set to X, then it would be the default color as mentioned above, then so on.

Been trying to build this, but not having luck yet.

Wait…are you trying to do the setSwitchModeNormal and setSwitchModeStatus at the same time, or something like that? Switching between the two when you need to show a sensor reading?

Yes, something like that. I thought I had read that you can do that if you are saving the state.

I’m not aware of it having a setting like that. You might have to add some lines to your piston to save each setting before switching to Normal mode, perhaps to a global variable (although I’ve recently discovered that those are problematic.) How many Homeseer pistons do you have?

A little off-topic, but is there a way to display the LED status of the HS-WD200+ in the Smartthings app? I would like to open the app, and with a quick look (vs. checking each device status), see the status of each LED-represented device (e.g., Garage Door open (or closed), Hot Tub temperature between xx and yy, etc.). Basically, I’d like to be able to display the programmed status for each LED visually in the Smartthings app.

Not without developing your own SmartApp, and you’ll still have to navigate to it since SmartApps aren’t elements on the Dashboard yet - except a handful of ST’s own apps (STHM, Smart Lock Guest Access, and HomeCare Wizard are some of them).

There already is a similar SmartApp out there, but it may not do what you want, and/or work well in the new app yet:

OK, thanks. I’ll give it a look.

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I have not played around with WebCore yet and I am really not a programmer so I was curious if anyone has had any luck controlling the lights on the WD200 switch with any community created apps?

I am using RBoy’s alarm app controlled by a virtual switch so what I would like to do is have a light on the WD200 light up Green when the virtual switch is off (which means the alarm is disarmed) and have a light on the WD200 turn red when the virtual switch is on (which means the alarm is armed).


Hi all. I recently replaced one of my HD-WD200+ dimmers (5.11 firmware) with a new one (5.14 firmware), using the ST “replace” feature, and now my multi-tap actions in WebCore don’t work for the new dimmer. They still work fine with my other HS-WD200+ dimmers. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

I want to thank @Darwin for working so quickly to fix the issues created by the Smartthings migration to the new app. If anyone is having issues setting up any smart lighting automations with the additional “buttons” for double click, triple click, etc… , things are being worked on.

@Darwin - Huge thanks for updating the WD200+ Device Handler for the double tap!!! Are you planning on updating the FD200+ DHT too?

Is there any update on the ws200+ handler. I tried your latest one by @Darwin, and it seems to load okay. I can see the updated button names in the old app. In the new app I do not see the buttons though. Particularly, when I am creating an automation I only have the usual 5 options (On or Off, Pressed, Held, On, Off).

Should I see Tap Up 2, Tap Up 3, etc. in the automations?

I have tried to press Configure in the old app (that is how I saw the new button names) but still nothing in the new app. Am I missing a step?

The latest one is working for me, but I’m using them as Smart Lighting triggers rather than automations. When I look at using automations, the new buttons do not show up, but they show up if you use “Button” as a trigger in the Smart Lighting Smart App.

Awesome! Thanks @TanStarfield I missed that app when I migrated. This works great for me now!

Yes thank you for the work on the buttons. Having them accessible in the new native automations is great.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to address the LED’s or dimmer levels in the automations?