Monitor offline sensors through last activity

Does anyone know of a SmartApp that monitors the last activity of a sensor and sends a notification if a sensor has not reported in for more than x number of days? I am troubleshooting some sensors that go offline and the best way I have figured out to do this is by logging into graph and sorting the devices by “last activity.” It is concerning that a motion or door sensor can go offline and I have no idea as it is reporting an ok status. These are mostly zigbee devices and I must work on coverage.


This seems like a gap and hopefully someone has a suggestion. I just realized 1 door sensor has not been operating due to a dead battery. I run a battery status smartapp but the device was reporting the battery was in a normal range. I also have a motion sensor that flakes out occasionally. Does anyone know of a smartapp that alerts based on not hearing from a sensor in a given amount of time/days?

Here’s the link to the main post that has the documentation for the SmartApp @greg mention.


Excellent. This is perfect! Thanks.

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