So many ‘Things’

As I get more and more ‘things’ and I add more virtual switches. Using the app to check or use them is getting laborious.

Even in a room I could have 10-15 items. And sometimes I want to see the status on a selection of a type. Like all temp sensors. Or all Motion. Other times. I want all in a room.

It would be good to be able to group devices in things separate to rooms.

What’s the chance this might happen???
Anyone else finding this issue.

@slagle and anyone else.

A lot of people use the third-party app, action tiles, for this. The license fee is about $30, but it’s very popular because many people find it well worth it. A lot of people will have one view just of their battery operated devices, a different view of all their temperature sensors, etc. You can essentially set up whatever views you want. :sunglasses:

As far as whether they will ever allow us in the official app to have a device in More than one room, they haven’t said one way or the other. It’s definitely a feature I would like to see. :sunglasses:

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Can also use use Simple Device Viewer to view by capability


Definitely a chance!

It took 5 years for SmartThings to create tablet mode and landscape view for the SmartThings App, but it finally happened.

We built ActionTiles to address many of the “organize, customize, share, view and control” wish list items of SmartThings customers.

The wish list keeps growing, and over time some “apps” will meet the needs of some customers more than others… Everyone’s household and use cases are different.

Your “multi-room” use case, @beginningexpert, is definitely a popular feature of ActionTiles available right now.


I have action tiles. I really need to utilise it more!


Thanks, Anthony!

What we need to do is collect and publish more “Customer Stories” to inspire current and future customers.

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Where in the Marketplace is the Simple Device Viewer?