[OBSOLETE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

@krlaframboise Kevin, sorry for newbie questions but I’m lost… I have a bunch of GoC motions and contacts that paired with ST without a DTH, and they’re working just fine- but I don’t get battery readings on them, and the ‘configure’ button does nothing. Will this DTH fix that? I don’t see the url to the DTH… where is it? And what will I need to do to make it work with my already installed devices? (I’m semi-familiar with Handlers as I’ve set up a few, so maybe I’m not totally lost! LOL).


I’d really like the ability to see battery info on these GoControls, so I can complete this ActionTile giving me battery status on whole house’s stuff (the 4 missing are all GoControl)


After installing and publishing my DTH, edit the device through in the IDE and change it’s “type” field to my DTH.

Most devices that use batteries sleep so you won’t see anything happen immediately when you use tiles like “refresh” and “configure”.

After switching to my DTH and/or updating the settings you have to either wait until the device wakes up, which will most likely take 4+ hours or force the device to wake up by opening the device’s cover for about 10 seconds and then closing it.

My DTHs show a battery tile for these devices, but the GoControl/Linear devices don’t report the actual battery level. The tile will show 100% when the device reports that the battery level is normal and 1% when it reports that it’s low.

Hey guys,I installed this device handler last night and had it working great. This morning though I can’t get the sensor to show motion “inactive”


Are you still having problems?

I have 9 of these devices and I haven’t had any issues with them.

Nope, I think I got it all figured out. Just learning issues on my end with re trigger times.

Thanks again

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i somehow managed to overwrite the first post in the topic that has the links to the DTHs and I’ve lost the ability to edit that post for some reason so I’m posting it here.

If anyone can think of a reason why I can’t edit my own topic anymore, please let me know.

[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

Here are the device handlers for the 3 devices that come with the GoControl Security Kit. These devices are also sold as Linear and Monoprice so the device handlers should work with those too.

I wasn’t able to detect if the devices were still responding using the other device handlers that work with these devices so I ended up creating my own.

The motion sensor and contact sensor update an attribute every 4 hours so I can use my Simple Device Viewer SmartApp to monitor them.

There’s no way to make the siren automatically check in, but it updates that attribute every time the device responds and it supports the Polling Capability so you can use an app like the Simple Device Viewer or Pollster to poll it a couple of times a day.

GoControl/Linear Door/Window Sensor

  • DTH for the GoControl Linear Door/Window Sensor, Model: WADWAZ-1
  • Allows you to use the internal and/or external contacts
  • If using the internal and external contact, the contact attribute will be changed to the most recent state, but the “internalContact” and “externalContact” attributes allow you to see their state independently.
  • Automatically sets lastCheckin attribute so it can be monitored by
  • SmartApps like the Simple Device Viewer to ensure it’s still online.
  • Supports the Tamper Alert Capability.
  • Main Contact Behavior setting allows you to change the behavior of the main contact attribute when the external contact is being used.

GoControl/Linear External Contact Sensor (CHILD)

If you want the external sensor to appear as a separate device, you need to also install this device handler and enable the “Create Device for External Sensor?” setting.

GoControl/Linear Motion Sensor

  • DTH for the GoControl/Linear Motion Sensor, Model: WAPIRZ-1
  • Automatically sets polling attribute so it can be monitored by
  • SmartApps like the Simple Device Viewer to ensure it’s still online.
  • Supports the Tamper Alert Capability.
  • Provides offset so you can adjust the temperature
  • Provides threshold so you can prevent it from bouncing back and forth between the same 2 temperatures.
  • Allows you to set the frequency that it checks the battery
  • After changing the settings, open the cover of the device until the light turns solid red and then close the cover. This step is not necessary, but if you don’t do it, it may take up to 4 hours for your changes to get applied.

The motion sensor has a jumper that allows you to change the sensitivity between Test, Pet1 and Pet2, but according to @Modenacart, the engineer said they “use a different firmware than the monoprice sensor” and there’s " no control of sensitivity on the GoControl version". I’ve done a lot of testing with the GoControl Motion Sensor and I agree that changing that jumper doesn’t actually do anything.

GoControl/Linear Multifunction Siren

  • DTH for the GoControl Siren, Linear Siren and possibly some other generic sirens. Models: ZM1601US / WA105DBZ-1

Hello, Today i changed my one monoprice contact sensor with GoControl Door/Window sensor DTH (through edit button and changing type). I am having this issue on this device since I moved to ST (1-2 months back), this device always shows as open. I have tried number of times pairing /re-paring but nothing seems to be working fine. I have 2 similar device which is replaced with GoControl door/Window sensor DTH and another one seems to be working fine but not this one. Can someone suggest me if there is anything which I need to do? If it doesn’t work then I guess I have to assume that this device is faulty.

I am trying to use the Door/Window sensor to monitor the circuit my freezer is on. I have a 5VDC NC relay connected to the external sensor connection. In the event of power loss on the circuit I should get an open indication which I can push to my cell. My question is - will this work?


I have this working using the GoControl Contact Sensor device handler. Status is showing in SmartThings Classic app but in the SmartThings app it shows ‘Checking Status’. Any suggestions?


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Custom handlers aren’t supported by the new app yet, but I just released a new version of the DTH which has a workaround for it.

You won’t be able to configure it in the new app or see anything except contact and battery, but at least you won’t get that error.

It might take a while for it to start working in the new app after updating the DTH, but if you don’t want to wait you should be able to force it to see the change by changing it to a different DTH, saving, and then changing it back.

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Thanks for the reply and update to the DTH.

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Any way to get the multifunction contact device handler to have the last states displayed like the contact one?

Thank you for your work in these.

Well with a little messing around I think I got it added. Still not sure what needs to be added from the regular sensor for this.

Thanks for the advise. I couldn’t get my one sensor to activate after changing battery so I followed your advise, deleted from hub and reinstalled. Solved the problem.

@krlaframboise, I know this DTH was created over 2 years ago, but I still find it very useful :).
I have several of these Window sensors and one I am specifically using to monitor a security system. When the external sensor is “open” the system is “Armed”. When the external system is “closed” the system in “Disarmed”. I managed to modify the DTH to show Armed and Disarmed, but I cannot figure out the message that is sent. I’d like to modify the message to display “Security System is Armed” instead of "Security System is “open”. Same for when the Security system is Disarmed. Any help to do this would be much appreciated.

Around line 470, replace:

result << createEvent(getEventMap("contact", mainVal))


def status = (mainVal == "open") ? "Armed" : "Disarmed"
result << createEvent(name:"contact", value: mainVal, descriptionText: "${device.displayName} is ${status}")

Perfect. Thanks a lot.

@krlaframboise, the thing I especially like about this DTH is that it tracks when a device checks in. I have many of these Monoprice devices, more than 4 years, and they are still showing 100% battery. Some are used for sump pump monitor, security system alarm monitor, smoke detector, etc. so they rarely are activated. Frankly I worry if the devices are actually online since there are no events to report. But the “Check in” solves that problem. Do you think that can be carried over to the new SmartThings app?

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Behind the scenes things are still the same in the new mobile app so the device should appear offline if the device stops reporting.

You could also use a custom SmartApp, like my Simple Device Viewer, to receive notifications of the device goes too long without checking in.

@krlaframboise I’m a new ST user - the past week and have started using your GoControl Door/Window Sensor DH - my main reason is the support for an External switch - which I have installed. internalContact is a screen door and externalContact is the Inside main door using a micro switch. Currently the Screen door is closed and the inside door is open.

When I look at the IDE it seems like it is working/reporting perfectly:

battery: 83 %
contact: closed
checkInterval: 65100
tamper: clear
internalContact: closed
externalContact: open
lastCheckin: 05/23/2020 10:00:58 AM
lastOpen: 05/23/2020 10:00:58 AM
lastClosed: 05/23/2020 10:01:53 AM
primaryStatus: closed

Also the preferences look right:

Name Type Value
batteryReportingInterval enum 6 Hours (Default)
checkinInterval enum 6 Hours (Default)
debugOutput bool false
mainContactBehavior enum Internal Contact Only
missedCheckins enum 3 (Default)
useExternalDevice bool true
useGarageIcons bool false

The problem I am having is that the External Contact Tile does not show up in the mobile App (classic or New) - When I go into settings and click the slider to “Create Device for External Sensor” and then exit and then go back in, the slider is off.
I’m not sure is the problem is with your DH or the app is not working well with settings.

SmartThings broke the true/false setting type in the new mobile app so at the moment, every time you open the settings screen in the new mobile app they’ll all change back to false.

If you open the settings in the classic mobile app you’ll be able to enable that setting and it will create the child device.

You might be able to change that preference to true in the IDE, but that might break some of the other settings.

SmartThings is constantly breaking things so I no longer waste time adding workarounds because they’ll probably fix it in the next update…

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