Battery Minder App

Just flipping through the SmartThings YouTube Channel looking for apps that might be interesting or have good UI ideas.

If you look at the video: How to: Trigger Things to Happen When Temperatures Reach a Certain Temperature

At time mark 2-3 seconds there is a great view of the poster’s dashboard, and at the bottom there is a group marked Battery Minder that shows the current status (good, ok, replace now) for various devices.

Looking through the Community site, in the SmartThings App and the IDE I can’t find anything like this. @Ben, did you folks accidentally preview something new or could you provide a link to the app as I can think of a number of uses for this ability to summarize window/door sensor states AND I’d love to be able to see my battery stats at a glance though I am doing that with @625alex’s Action4 dashboard as well.


Did you ever figure out how to get the battery status summary?

Sorry no response from anyone.

@mmlabelle This might be a good start,

This app was shown on the Developer Discussion call on May 20th and is slated for release with V2-Hub.

Any update on this in-app battery feature @tslagle13


This might provide the functionality you’re looking for: