New Aeon Labs Doorbell: need device type help

I’ve been using Vandervoort’s code for several weeks now with full functionality and no issues.

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Just an update to all of you… I was able to get this installed and integrated fine… Except for the volume control which doesn’t looks like working… But, most importantly I get notifications of bell, setup rules and also, able to do some cool stuff with rule machine and custom sounds :wink:
And I used the latest version .05 which I guess is kind of @Robert_Vandervoort 's code and latest versions by @thoward1234. I might be wrong… But the thread where the latest versions are being discussed is too long for me to read fully :blush: . Thread is Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

I just released a new version of a different DH that might fix the secure pairing problem that a lot of people are having. It also has a setting that allows you to turn off the secure commands for users that are unable to pair it securely. A few users that were having problems were able to use it without turning off secure commands, so that part hasn’t been tested.

The steps below have worked for other users:

  • Remove the device
  • Install the Device Handler and remove any old ones you may still have installed.
  • Hold down the button on the doorbell for 20+ seconds which will do a factory reset.
    (It won’t delete any custom mp3s you’ve loaded)
  • Connect the device, but repeatedly press the doorbell button while it’s pairing.

Hey there, your device worked like a charm - my main issue is that the doorbell itself only intermittently hits the chime and plays a sound. I suspect I may need to return this device?

[quote=“trippy99, post:138, topic:14924”]
my main issue is that the doorbell itself only intermittently hits the chime and plays a sound.
[/quote]The button doesn’t like being held. If you place it on a hard surface or mount it you may find that it’s a lot more reliable.

I found mine does not like the cold outside. It would not work below freezing until I brought it in and warmed it up.

Definitely better but also missed presses. Anyone else feel that exists?

The button is linked directly to the device so if you press the button and the device doesn’t light up it’s a hardware issue.

Some people have found that it’s caused by the battery not making a good connection and bending the battery clips a little bit towards the battery helped.

I’m considering purchasing one of these.

I think that if the button does not send a signal properly through the wall to the doorbell, I’ll set it up this way:

Use a standard normally open doorbell button outside the door (already have one in place).
I’ll have the wiring from that button go to a zwave door contact inside the house.
The door contact will activate the doorbell.

An extra step and added expense, but if the included button can’t transmit very well and can’t handle cold New England weather, that may be the best option.
I’m really more interested in the ability to have this play specific mp3 files in response to other events being triggered around the home; arrivals, doors opening, motion detection, etc.

It seems like it works fine for some people, so you may have no problems with the signal going through the wall, but the cold temperatures in the winter will most likely cause problems.

I have a hardwired doorbell, but since this device is only $50, I think it’s worth purchasing just for the z-wave repeater and mp3 functionality.

If you decide not to use the doorbell button, the Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell device handler allows you to repurpose the button for something else like a panic button.

That device handler also acts as a presence sensor so if you use something like pollster to regularly poll the device, you can use it to detect when your internet goes down or you lose power.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.

My wife agrees that we need a new doorbell, so it looks like I’ll be ordering one of these.
I don’t see a better option out there.

I also live in New England and I keep a presence sensor in my truck and I’ve seen the battery level drop more than 30% when it’s really cold and then go back up to where it was when it gets warmer.

If you do decide to mount the button outside, I recommend using a SmartApp to monitor the battery level and have it send you notifications when it gets too low.

I created a SmartApp called Simple Device Viewer that can send battery notifications and do some other stuff, but if you search the forum you can find other SmartApps specific to battery monitoring that can provide more functionality.


I’ll take a look at you smartapps when I have some time.

Just curious to see if you knew how to make the aeotec doorbell okay custom mp3 after certain actions were triggered? Such as a door open or someone coming home… when I use speak notify me with sound it only plays the standard stock beap Sound… any help you can provide is much appreciated… Chris

Have you tried this DTH?

Yeah that’s the DH I installed… I was using notify with sound app for sound notifications… it only executes the ring sound only… is that the smartapp you use for sound notifications or is there another one? Thanks in advance…

I use the CORE app to trigger both Life360 and phone arrivals. I recorded an alert stating “Name has arrived” and set the tone number to that person.

Works perfectly though Life360 sometimes kicks in after they’re already in the door.

If you select it as a music device, you can use the custom message option to specify the track number.

That did it. Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated!

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I am new, so Hello, and I am trying to solve this on my own, but I need to reach out. I have searched multiple threads and cannot figure out how or what to upload mp3 files to. I have only the 4 factory sounds on the Aeon Doorbell but would like to hear say “Car in Driveway” or “Back Door is Open”. Where can I look for more detailed freshman type instructions. I have added your handler successfully. Thank you.