Really basic alert question

I have schalg door lock, and I’ve just looked through my log in the ST app, and seen that the door was opened and locked the other day. I’m just wondering how I can set an alert so that I’m notified when that happens?

second question! I recieved an alert that one of my moisture sensors ran out of battery power, but after the app update I lost track of which was which, is there any way to filter activity to find out which sensor it was, or I’m just going to have to replace all the batteries!

Their is an app called Low Battery Monitor.
Give it a try.
It shows up the battery level.

Another option would be to use Smart Tiles, I’ve got a sub page that shows every devices battery status in the house. Example shown here…

Must change that front door sensor :slight_smile:


You can use smart home monitor, notify with sound, or CoRe for the first question and Simple Device Viewer to get notifications based on battery, temp, and/or last event time.

for #2, “Simple Device Viewer” is the best smartapp I have run into, for monitoring battery levels for on-demand status. I can get all batteries in a simple sorted list and recharge the 5 lowest, whenever it is convenient.

Battery notifications in the log, are not convenient.