Calling all community members: New SmartApp Ideas

unfortunately room T is not a constant and varies thru the day, especially with season change. Thus, it can not be typed in to “Custom” rules in SmartHome Monitor.

Thanks, will try it.

Here’s my solution. I set up an alarm in Amazo Echo. It triggers an IFTTT rule. From there, you can trigger pretty much anything you want, including SmartThings routines. :sunglasses:

Ahhh sorry I misunderstood.

The code @N8XD shared should work.

I’d like to see a ‘dashboard builder’ and be able to configure my screens.

For example: currently, if I want to see the temperatures of each sensor, I have to individually go into each one. With a screen/dashboard tool, I could create a Temps screen with all of the temp data from my sensors.

Potentially, one way to do this is through a ‘widget’ structure - official ST widgets, and then community developed widgets.

This app might do what you’re looking for:

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This is a common use case for SmartTiles.

Understood, but I’d like more control of the ST app in general (not necessarily specific to temps)

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SmartTiles is definitely not “specific to temps”. … Well… Visit the SmartTiles Topics for more details. Lots of functionality under construction. :construction: :construction_worker: Thanks.

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The Simple Device Viewer SmartApp provides a quick view of Temp, Switches, Battery, Motion, Contact, Smoke, Last Event Time, Lock, and more…

If you’re looking for complete customization, SmartTiles is probably your best option.


Smarttiles won’t install for me (new shard); tried several times over the last few days.

Sorry about that Jason…!

Are you encountering the problem described in the link below, or something else?

Thanks Keith, it seem to have all right components to work for me. Let me know if you can trigger a switch on and off based on 2 temperatures difference value.

Hi ivictor,

I added the switch. You can get the code from the same place as before. The optional switch shows up toward the bottom of the app settings. The switch will flip to ON whenever a temperature warning is issued…which means even while things are cooling down, it will still turn the light on when temperature readings changes are reported by the sensors - until the difference is less than what you’ve set. It does not turn the switch off.

One other thing, a temperature warning ONLY triggers when temperatures changes…so if it flips a switch ON at 90 vs 70, and you turn the switch off…it will only trigger back on if either the 90 or 70 change is reported by a sensor. It will not flip back on if the temperatures stay constant at 90 vs 70.

Let me know if it works for you…thanks!


This is not a safety program…it will not save your life. (disclaimer)

Thanks so much. Tested it on IDE, installed on my iphone and will test tonight in real action. It solves the precision problem due to room T fluctuations. Any chance to make that turn-off automatic, based on the same delta? So, i never have to touch hardware? To run this app 24/7 and forget about it. My Blinking signal at the front door downstairs will always keep me informed that stove is warm or not, before leaving house. Reminding me to check on it. Extra check on cooling stove is not gonna hurt, even though stove is off and cooling but still warm by few degrees
Thank you very much again.
Tried to do it with Smartrules, apparently they are not capable yet to program such scenario.They promised to include it in the future.

Awesome Victor. Sure I could have the system turn off the light…but there some issues with that. First, if you use your blinking light for other things…like announcing a water leak, you certainly don’t want the stove program turning off that indication. Is the indicator single purpose for the stove only? If you plan on using it for indicating “any” problem, you probably only want to reset the indicator manually.


Smartapp idea: URL triggers

A lot of APIs have actions that can be triggered through url params. What about a simple smartapp that simply executes a url.

For example with this approach, I could trigger my camera to arm/disarm, take a picture, record video, etc.

Obviously this is a one way trigger, but I think that’s ok.

Yep, switch is and will be dedicated to that blinking light only. Also, is that default Temp for stove ? Cause we are dealing with two sensors here. Also, about max “stove warning temp”, what kind of warning it generates?
Regards, Victor

I too would like this, but not just coded to Hue. Adding the Fibaro RGBW would be nice too!

Hi Keith, you program works very well, checked it tonight.
Lets turn that switch off. I also found out that one of my temp sensors does
not report temp very often. I will have to replace it for more responsive sensor.
Now I understand why you introduced Default Temp. Thank you!