[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Good work, I’ve paired my first Xiaomi sensor, a door close sensor, paired by furiously pressing the pairning button before & till about a minute after pairing. But I still do not get the battery update, does it take time initially to appear ?

Also pressing the configure tile does not respond, i.e. it does not show anything.

EDIT: I paired a Xiaomi motion sensor using same method, and same symptoms, no battery level and the configure tile does not work. However I’m able to comfigure using the icon on top right.

EDIT: with the same method, paired a Xiaomi button, it shows battery status, but the other two (motion & door sensor) still does not show battery status.

EDIT: Door close sensor reported battery as 90%

All of this is in the original thread. If you get nothing after a few hours you need to repair until it sticks. This is nothing to do with my handler. I strongly recommend people have a look through the links in the OP to help answer these questions.

Hi Wayne.
I have some of these on order so I’m following this with interest.
Sorry to split hairs here.

Do you mean re-pair or repair as in fix.
Again sorry for the question. :smile:

You are correct… “re-pair”. It is a pain, but you only need to go through it at the beginning , once done they seem to work great. In fact, in my set-up more reliable than my smartthings branded sensors.

I hope they are better than the ST ones as I am sick of continually having to remove/put back the batteries twice a week.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one doing that recently… since the last hub update, i’ve been doing this randomly on my 27 smartthings sensors… Not had to do it once on any of my Xiaomi sensors yet… fingers crossed.
If it weren’t for the most excellent simple device viewer, my system would be completely up the creek by now.

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I appreciate all you’ve done here a4refillpad, but I’m struggling with this and I’m hoping you can help,or at least tell me from the folowing where I’m going wrong.

So, I created a device handler from your code (motion sensor) and saved and published. I have then added a new device using the ‘Xiaomi Motion Sensor’ from the drop-down, inserted the ‘catch-all’ string as mentioned in the other thread and added the device. But it just doesn’t seem to recognise motion. Initially the app reads as ‘Motion’ in orange, I then reset that let it sit for a while and try to trigger it, but nothing.

This is the first time I’ve tried working with something which isn’t generally compatible with ST so although I think I’ve followed the process correctly I could be way off.

Do you see any events for the device you’ve added in the IDE? I suspect you haven’t successfully paired it to be honest. If you don’t see any events then you’ve not been successful in pairing and will need to try again.

Ye, nothing other than the event following me clicking the “Reset Motion” button within the app. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times with this now and each time it’s the same result, so I must be doing something wrong along the way, just not sure what. Thanks though, I’ll keeping on trying.

Right, initially adding it as a new device in the IDE is what was causing the problem for me. Removing that and just standing next to the hub and pushing the reset button in a random fashion finally found it as a new device and seems to be working well, for now.

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Thanks a4refillpad for setup a new thread and putting everything together.
I finally got my Xiaomi motion sensor today and was able to paired it with SmartThings in less than 3 minutes.
The sensitivity, distance, and motion detect angle are way better than Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor.
It reported 83% battery life left for my Xiaomi motion sensor brand new out of box.
Question, is the Configure button suppose to do anything? When I clicked on it, it didn’t do anything.

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It does in fact enrolls some configuration down to the device. I not 100% certain the device fully recognises it but does not complain. It’s something i inherited from early device handlers that were successful with getting them stick. The handler does now send the config down automatically when the device joins so may not be necessary having the tile any more. It’s something that I’m playing with and may remove in future revisions.

@a4refillpad Thanks for your hard work regarding this. I have read through all 800 post regarding this and I’m looking to pull the trigger on these however I just wanted to confirm if we need the xiaomi hub or I can connect them directly to smart things. I also wanted to know the best place to get the motion sensors as I saw you did not receive some of your products?

You can connect without the hub. I would advise adding insurance option to any orders made with gearbest and others if you make a larger order. I found that you are left without any compensation if you item does not turn up otherwise.

as long as You pay with paypal you are safe… allways do that…

I only had one issue with GB in many many orders, and was about a refund and return… they were taking to long and paypal resolved…

no store that that can afford having paypal issues :slight_smile:

@a4refillpad @Paulo_Nobrega Thanks for the reply, anyone have experience of them in UK I’m about to put an order in just now

I’ve had no issues but a4refill pad had a different experience I think.

I used Banggood.com and they took a while but arrived safely.

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Ordered one motion sensor and 2 Window/door sensor from Gearbest back in Jan 30, 2017.
Paid extra $ for tracking the shipment. Tracking history shows my package shipped to UK instead of shipping to Canada.
However, I received my motion sensor on Feb 14, 2017 but not the windows/door sensor.
Contact their support and they said my windows / door sensors are still in China and will ship out in next few days
Like a4refillpad mentioned, if you want to order from Gearbest and the order is a large order, might as well pay extra $2 to $3 for tracking + insurance, and pay with Paypal.

I paid through PayPal and got priority delivery as it was quite cheap as well as insurance.
These are the ones i got please tell me they are the right ones

I hope so as I have 3 of these on order. :grin: