Device offline but no notification

I just had smartthings same me from some water backup so while expanding my leak sensors i logged on to the developer web site for my hub and its been months since i have. I noticed that 2 of my sensors show offline and have not reported anything in months. Why dont i get a notification showing that they are offline and are they really? when i try to refresh the device on my app nothing changes nor does it say offline?

Thanks in advance

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Glad to hear you were saved from a leak issue.

Try using this app to get notified if a device hasn’t checked in lately.


Thank you for your help

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Also, @Tyler wrote back in November about a new feature called Device Health that ST is working on.


I noticed on the ST multi purpose sensor that i added about a month ago, The thing tab for that device has an inactive tile next to the temperature and changes when there is motion at the device. I removed one of the ST leak sensors and re-added it and the inactive tile did not show up on that. hope they continue to add this feature.

Thank you

I just ran into this myself. I have a sliding door set up with a multi sensor, usually at night I have to disarm it to let the dogs out. I just happened to be looking at all my devices yesterday when I was adding more xmas goodies to my automation and noticed it has been down for 2 days. I am guessing it is battery, but it would be nice to get some sort of notification when things haven’t checked in for X amount of minutes/hours/days.

Oh and the last battery status was 67% whats the purpose of battery meter if it doesn’t really work? this is my 2nd multi sensor to die this way with high battery %. swap out battery and then they work.

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If you talking about the inactive as shown in the screenshot, I do not think the leak sensor has this capability.


Yes the inactive that you show in the screen shot i see on my multipurpose sensor also. I did notice that when the garage door is going up my multipurpose sensor changes to active. The ide showed my other sensors as offline and I think the inactive or active are the state but when you are offline you are not getting any communication. I am just glad i was aware now instead of having found the hard way. I did add the simple device viewer but that is a bit more complicated than i need and it dosent alert for offline devices just alerts by activity and some of my devices (zwave) do not respond as often as the ST devices.



Just to be clear, the word active in the SmartThings mobile app for the mobile sensor is used to denote something entirely different than the word active in the developer web IDE. One represents that the sensor is being “shaken” and one represents communication state or something.

In the mobile app the word active denotes that the multi-purpose sensor is being shaken or whatever.

That is why when the garage door is moving the multi-purpose sensor shows as active, because it is being “shaken”.

In the developer web IDE, active or inactive implies something about communication state or something.

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