Device disconnection routine?

I would like to turn on my status indicator led when a set of outlets falls of line: I.e. remote indication of gcfi trip. All of the device monitors I saw send sms push notifications. Any thoughts.

You can’t communicate to an offline device to turn on/off the LED (assuming the supports that capability like some of the GE devices). The only way I believe this could work would be for the device to detect it’s not communicating and make the LED blink or turn off/on.

That’s exactly what I want to do. Instead of sending an sms when connection is lost I would like to light the led

That would be a nice feature for a device to have. The only one I have that does this are my Pearl Thermostats. They have a radio signal icon on the panel display that blinks if it drops off my Zigbee mesh.

I had an old Honeywell zwave thermostat that would display the message “Communications Lost” on the top part of the display panel, but it was hard to see it because of back lighting.

Could you use polling intervals, triggering a SMS message, then Tasker/Sharptools to turn on the LED?

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How though if the device is offline?

It depends on the details of what you were trying to do. You cannot light the status indicator on the outlet which has gone off-line. But if you are saying you have a different device which acts as a status light for you, and it would still have power, then it may be doable.

If you have An iPhone, The following method is not available. But if you have an android phone, you can use a combination of two third-party paid apps, Tasker and SharpTools, to capture the push notification and then perform a smartthings-controlled action (such as turning on a status light).

@joshua_lyon , Who is the developer of sharptools, can say more. Here’s one of his posts on the method for that:

What can you use the dumbest wifi motion sensor for? NEO Coolcam (includes Tasker instructions in Post 10) - #10 by joshua_lyon

But again, it depends on the exact details of what you were trying to do. What device are you using for a status light?

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Ohhhhhhhh I misread. I didn’t realize the LED he wanted to turn on was on the actual device.

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I believe it’s the built in LED for the device if I read the OP’s last few posts correctly. Using another light as a status indicator is a great alternative.

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No sorry if I didn’t make myself clear on where everything is.

Power -> inovelli -> GFCI -> GE Outlet with Zwave

If the GFCI trips only the outlet loses power. The inovelli still has power. I would like to flash the led on the inovelli when this happens

I don’t know if you have programmatic control of the LEDs on the innovelli or not. If you do, you can use the Tasker/sharptools method I mentioned in my previous post, combined with simple device viewer to send the push notification.

[RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

Unfortunately I only have an iPhone and would like something that can work without any phones being present. Maybe a webcore routine

It’s not about the phone being present. It’s about the Wellness monitor smartapp sending a notification to you and you capturing that notification as the trigger for turning on the device which is your indicator light.

The problem is that iPhones don’t let third-party apps have access to that notification information. Android does. So that’s why the method only works with an android phone. But the phone itself could be 1000 miles away and it would still work. Internet magic. :wink:

As far as Webcore, it still comes down to what is the trigger. What event can webcore recognize that would let you know that the outlet was shut off? That brings us back to your very first post.