Outlet Notifications

So, basically I have my sump pump plugged into a smartthings outlet. I want to receive a text alert when it goes off(draws any current) . I grabbed the Energy Alerts from the market place, and set it up to notify when wattage is above 1, but it never sends an alert. Is there any other way to set this up?

do a seach for simple device viewer, i use that for low and high

Are you sure the outlet monitors energy? Some do not. Perhaps if you listed the brand of outlet you are using someone could answer your question.

If the app allows you to select your outlet then it should. The Energy alert app allows text and push notifications, do you get the push notification?

Does it display a consumption when you go on the plug detail view like this?

Yeah, I can see the wattage consumption when the sump turns on. Its weird, I have it set to sent an alert if watts is above 1, and you have to put the ‘below’ watts message too, so I just put 0. It sends out the alert that the outlet is at 0, but never when its above 1(which is the alert I want to see.

The brand is the samsung outlet. Not sure what the model is. Just the official Smart thing samsung zwave outlet

can i search the marketplace thru the smartthings app? I dont see a way to do that.

Assuming your on classic app there is an energy aleart app there. Never used it before but its smartthings so the should be fine

Right, Energy Alert is the one i am using and am having an issue with.

Put up a screen grab of settings

Mark, I ended up getting the Simple Device Viewer, i got it all set up. There are a lot of settings in there, not sure what all i need to get a text alert once my outlet sees a current draw.

Sounds like you found a solution. I modified a DH based upon the Samsung source that allows you to trigger on contact sensor based upon high/low power settings. Probably only works on the legacy app. If you want to look, it is here: https://github.com/bloodtick/SmartThings/blob/master/devicetypes/bloodtick/smartpower-outlet-ii.src/smartpower-outlet-ii.groovy