CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

Well there then I created you your first feature request :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it’s just me and it’s strictly cosmetic but wanted to let you know my icons for some of my devices don’t appear as they do in my Things. For example my front door GE link bulb shows up with a vent icon, Garage Door and Hallway light shows with the Blink Camera icon, 1 vent shows up with a picture of a light, and another vent has no icon with the same exact DH.

What capability are you selecting them by?

It was on an action I selected control lights but I did another test with a new piston and on the conditions I tried it using light bulbs and switches and the same incorrect icons appeared.

I don’t think I have any control over which icons are displayed…

Rather than re-creating the wheel, you could use an existing SmartApp that’s designed to do this like the Simple Device Viewer or Battery Monitor.

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Rarher than using an existing smart app, you could use the native app that comes with your hub

You can either schedule a trigger to run on a certain day of the week or use filters to only allow certain days, months, years, etc.

What native app comes with the hub and allows you to do any of the things below?

  • Choose the battery level to receive notifications.
  • Choose to get notifications by SMS and/or Push
  • Choose modes to receive notifications
  • Choose how often to receive notifications (reminders)
  • Display all the batteries and their levels on the same screen.
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How did you answer before I deleted lol. You are good. I totally missed restrictions

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Hub v20 has all those. Except for the last 4.


Hub v20 will have all of the above

Well, that’s not what @sgoncalves was askimg for…

OK Adrian,

This afternoon, I tried the wait for 1 min, 5 mins and 15 mins and they all turn the light off as designed, which is good. Not sure what is different now from this morning.

What I noticed is when the door closes, the light went off right away. I want the light to stay on even if the door goes closed and then to use motion to determine if the light goes off at a preset time or stays on b/c it detects motion.

Here is how it’s setup currently

Thanks again and great work :slight_smile:

At least this hub allows these things, even if not native. I consider apps the strongest part of the platform.

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Yes exactly I wasn’t specifically looking for notifications on just battery levels but rather using it as an example for wanting Push/SMS notifications with the ability to list the device that triggered it. Another example, SHM set to Arm and a door is left unlocked, receive notification with which door was left unlocked instead of just a generic notification. @ady624 said he was looking to implement this as well as variables so in my original example of batteries it would not only send a message but can also send the level. I think that will give some awesome possibilities. Adrian, awesome work on this app so far.

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Ummm, isn’t the state designed around the use of apps? Kind of like saying I like wheels on my truck and consider then the strongest part… Lol

OK Adrian, back to the basics

New Piston with a single job, if motion sensor changes to active, turn light on, wait 1 min turn off

The sensor never picks up motion so after 1 min, the light goes out

As you can see from my second screen shot, ST Things clearly shows motion being detected yet Piston says Current evaluation: false

What’s interesting is the light will come on most of the time with motion, not always but won’t stay on with motion

Current version

@Toy4Rick I’m wondering if it should be is active for the motion instead of changes to?

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I found a nice easy one that takes two XYZ sets and converts them to an arbitrary distance, i’m using it in a universal garage controller app I’m working on.
It will likely work for rotation, particularly if you use the change in acceleration to snap the start and end coordinate sets…

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