Battery issues

You can also uninstall the app manually from On that page, click on smartapps, then click edit, then click uninstall beside the BatteryMonitor SmartApp,

I looked through the code and I have a suspicion about what’s causing the error with OK. I just checked in a change that should handle strings better.

Still get the error at line 82 for the Nest Protect. That device isn’t working anyway…

You need to add the following after line 92 to catch my 208% charged battery:

			} else {
				listLevel0 += "$it.currentBattery  $it.displayName\n"

I just checked in that fix and code to handle < 0 if that happens.

I was able to reproduce the error and I’m pretty confident now that the battery attribute must be an an integer. The SmartApp will group battery statuses that are strings into the error section and it will throw a notification stating that a string was returned. The Nest Protect device type that you’re using needs to be updated to return a number for battery or use a different attribute than battery.

Thanks, I figured something like that since I read this in another thread. Sorry if you wasted time on this.

It wasn’t a waste of time. I’m still learning groovy, so it was a good learning experience.

@notoriousbdg, just discovered and installed your Battery Monitor app and wanted to say excellent work and Thanks!

Monoprice motion sensors not reporting battery, but I see I have some batteries to change on other devices (mainly presence sensors). Thanks again!

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It looks like Monoprice motion sensors are known to have issues reporting battery status according to

Replaced my device type code for the Monoprice motion sensor with the code posted here ( Monoprice Door Sensors & Motion Sensors Available again ) and I am getting battery status in your app for them now as well.

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You now can configure low battery warning delivery from the mobile app. Go to Hello Home and tap the setup gear icon at the bottom right.

Good job SmartThings!

When was this added?

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Is there any way to modify this to show when the battery value was last updated? Every since they cut date retention to one week I’ve been unsure of some of my devices, like smoke alarms. I had been looking at the event stream to make sure they’d reported in sometime within the last month or so.

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I like that idea. I’ll see what I can do when I have some free time.

@notoriousbdg Cool app! have you considered forking over the code to the ST repo so we can update it via GitHub integration for future updates?

this has not been working for me for a few weeks… I have it installed on two locations. .and no matter what I do I am not getting my nightly alerts with battery levels… any idea what is wrong.

Sorry my bad I thought it would send a nightly status message on the status of all stuff but it does not… only things that are below above thresholds etc.

So I modified the code to add an option to send a nightly status and the same time other processing is done and send the info out via alert/send as configured… here is the modified code you can use or discard at your leisure:



I was trying to figure out how to edit the battery monitor status page to show the devices in order of battery % in each range from high to low instead of alphabetically by device name, but I can’t figure it out.

Basically I would just like it for the low, medium and high list. Null and Full should still be alphabetical.

Example -
Batteries with a medium charge
45 Kitchen Motion
25 Garage Door
22 Basement Door

Batteries with a high Charge
88 Dining Room Motion
75 Back Door

Is that possible?

I wanted to have a sorted list too, but the solution wasn’t obvious to me. I haven’t looked at it in a while. There are a few other improvements I’d like to do, and that is definitely one of them.

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Sorry to bring up old thread but i just installed Battery Monitor and for some reason its not listed on my smartapps page.

I configured it and got a confirmation that its installed and automating but its not showing up. It does get listed under My Apps in market place. Any ideas?

This is a new bug from the latest updates. Go into the app list through the IDE and you’ll most likely see “dev” next to it. If you click the app and scroll to the bottom there’s a checkbox and if you uncheck it, the app will appear in the mobile app.

If you want to view and monitor the battery and some additional things, you may want to try this app:

That was it. Thank you

Will check out simple device viewer as well