Notifications when non-Hub SmartPlug is offline?

Everything I have read so far seems to provide notifications for an offline SmartPlug only for the case when the SmartPlug also interacts with a Hub. Can someone write an app where I can receive notifications for the no-hub situation? Notifications should include sending me an email, a text, an SMS, a Push and, best of all, call my cell phone. I would pay someone to write such an app. (; 928-203-4213)


Are you referring to a WiFi SmartPlug? Not sure what other type of non-hub smart plug you’re referring to…

Do you have a Samsung smartthings hub, and if so which model?

If you don’t have a Samsung smartthings hub do you at least have a Samsung SmartThings account?

Simple device viewer probably already does what you want as it tracks activity of the device, and I believe it works for Wi-Fi devices as well, as long as they are part of your Samsung smartthings account.

Yes, I’m referring to a Wi-Fi Smart Plug. There are many on the market that do not require a hub, like the WeMo, for example.

I tried the Simple Device Viewer for the WeMo I own, but it wants a hub.

I do have a Samsung SmartThings account. Don’t have a hub. The WeMo wi-fi SmartPlug doesn’t need a hub.

I tried to use Simple Device Viewer but it wants to see a hub.

It would seem to me possible because when my non-hub WeMo goes offline, the WeMo app on my i-phone shows “Not Detected”. So, a signal (a trigger) is sent to the WeMo app.
This is probably true for every non-hub, wi-fi SmartPlug.

Does this mean that if I wanted to receive actual notifications of going offline, I would have to convince the manufacturer (Belkin, in WeMo’s case) to modify their app for this purpose?

Dan - do you agree with my last post that, if the wi-fi smart plug does not need a hub, then the Simple Device Viewer cannot be used for offline notification? Am I correct that the only possibility then would be to contact the manufacturer to convince them to add that offline notification capability to their app?

I am an old guy and don’t know too much about IoT. Trying to learn.
Also, do you know if a possible notification could include a cell phone call to me initiated by the app?


Since Simple Device Viewer is a custom, community written SmartApp, I really don’t know if it requires a hub or not.

WiFi devices typically rely on the manufacturer’s cloud infrastructure for all integrations. So, I would think the manufacturer would probably be the best source for ‘Offline Notifications’ of their devices.

SmartThings cannot directly make a phone call. It might be possible via an IFTTT integration, but I really am not sure about that.

Trying to use SmartThings without a hub is not very typical. If a SmartApp is trying to reach out to a device on your home network, for example, a ST hub is almost always required.

It might help if you explained why it is so important to know if a WiFi device goes offline. The community here is very well versed in a variety of scenarios and might be able to offer some ideas to help you solve whatever issue you’re having.

That definitely used to be true, and is true for almost all the members of this community, but I’m not sure it’s going to be true going forward, or even if it is actually true today. q

There’s no question that the V3 app (the newest one as of this writing) Has two separate parents in its DNA: the hub-based smartthings system and the previous “Samsung connect“ app which was used for Samsung smart appliances. Plus they folded in a better integration with Samsung smart televisions for model year 2018 and beyond.

All of that means that the V3 app Was clearly designed from the beginning to support some customers, quite probably a large percentage, who don’t have a hub. They have a television, they might have the refrigerator or the washer, and then they have some smart lights and a smart doorbell.

So I think we are going to be seeing more and more community members who don’t have a hub and don’t feel that they need one.

My concern from the design standpoint is that they appear to have defined all of the devices that can be discovered with superLAN connect as requiring a hub, even though those devices technically shouldn’t need one. I have one location without a hub myself, but have not been able to add several Wi-Fi devices that I thought I should be able to. But I haven’t seen confirmation of this hypothesis one way or the other.

Regardless of why some devices which don’t communicate directly to the hub are still listed as requiring a hub in the V3 app, The fact remains that they are. It’s quite confusing. :scream:

Thank you both for helping educate me. My need is one that has been expressed some time ago by others: I have a freezer & 2nd refrigerator on a GFI circuit in my garage. I would like to be notified when the GFI trips. My WeMo wi-fi SmartPlug sends a “not detected” signal to the WeMo app when I unplug it. Seems to me that could be a trigger. I haven’t used it for the GFI yet.

I’ll need to re-read your posts.

@SedonaGeorge, this is the exact situation I am trying to monitor as well. Did you ever find a solution? Thank you.

Stay tuned. In the process of getting an App written that will interface with a SmartPlug. Should solve this problem.

Also pleased to say that I have a patent pending on this. Best regards,


George Bein, PhD
Cell: 928-274-2012

Any updates on this thread? Looking to monitor tp-link or similar WiFi enabled smart plus. Need push notification.

Hi David – my App writer told me he is making good progress. Should definitely be able to get push as well as email, text and possibly cell phone call.

I will be out of the country for 15 days. I expect when I come back that things will accelerate.

Thanks for your interest.


George Bein, PhD
Cell: 928-274-2012

Hi David Bechtel - We have made excellent progress. With our patent pending GFI Notify App and a WiFi SmartPlug, you will receive a push and several text messages when that smart plug loses power. That will begin within 2 minutes after power loss. We have worked with the TP Link Kasa Plug (HS103) that retails for about $11. Other plugs may work as well, but we get 2 minutes with the Kasa plug.

We are currently in the process of setting up our website. We expect to make GFI Notify available to provide piece of mind and assurance for the reasonable price of just $49. We lost about $900 worth of food when the GFI in our garage tripped causing loss of power to our freezer and refrigerator. That was my big motivation for developing GFI Notify.

Best wishes and regards,

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Also, we have a similar 2-minute notification with Hub-based smart plugs when they lose power.
You will get a push and several text messages.