How to get notified when outlet looses power?

I have a smartthings outlet plugged into a GFCI outlet. There is a water pump plugged into the ST outlet… the GCFI trips not an again, leaving no power to the ST outlet or the pump… this causes a bit of a water spill over time…
I am trying to find a way to get an alert when the ST outlet loses power… it does not have to be immediate… a few hours or even a day is fine… Just so I know to go down an reset the GFCI…
I have tried a few things with out luck… since the ST outlet has no power it has to come from the ST hub to check for the missing signal …

I would also like to get and indicator on my action tiles panel… any thoughts?

Thanks in advance…


Most people would use the “simple device viewer” for this. It will let you know when a device has not reported into the network for a period of time that you can specify. so it’s not telling you that the power went out, but it is telling you that it hasn’t heard from the device for a while. That sounds like it would work for your use case. :sunglasses:. (We call this a “wellness check.“)

You could ask further questions in the thread for that smart app. (The topic title is a clickable link)


@kleach, if you need a very fast notification when loosing power (like I did), see this post: Detect power out / off at Hub Location with Hub and Internet on UPS

I basically used a common battery powered door/window switch on a no-voltage side of a relay, and wired the other side of the relay to a 110v lamp cord that plugs into the circuit you are trying to monitor. When that circuit loses power, the battery powered door/window switch changes state. In ST you can set your notification to fire and alert you when that switch changes state - nearly immediately. DM me if you have any questions - It has been working great.

I see no wellness check option in the simple device viewer… can you point me to the correct settings page?

I can’t, but if you ask your follow-up question in the author thread, someone there will help you. :sunglasses: